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Because, they look awesome.

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Q: Why does Dale Earnhardt Jr. wear skeleton gloves?
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Does Dale Earnhardt jr wear dentures?

I really, really doubt it!!

What brand and model watch did Dale Earnhardt Sr primarily wear?

Dale Earnhardt sometmes wore a Fortis 597.11.11M Flieger Automatic Chronograph. Dale also had a black and gold Rolex Daytona Chronograph.

Did Dale Earnhardt Sr. ever wear any other color goggles?

Dale Sr's goggles were either black or clear.

Does Dale Earnhardt Jr wear upper dentures?

I really, really doubt it!!

What brand of sunglasses does Dale Earnhardt Jr wear?

Dale Jr. wears Spy Sunglasses. Click on the link below to see their website, they have a huge selection of glasses!

What number did Ned Yost wear as a catcher?

Ned wore number 9 with the Milwaukee Brewers as a player. He wears number 3 as manager, as a tribute to his good friend Dale Earnhardt.

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He does not wear gloves when he plays QB.

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why does sonic wear white gloves i don't know why.

What gloves does Ricky Hatton wear?

BOXING gloves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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