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It is the amount of Home Runs that Cecil Fielder had in his career.

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Q: Why does Brett Favre call 319 at line of scrimmage?
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Can the quarterback underhand the ball to a receiver that is past the line of scrimmage?

yes you can Brett favre has done it numerous times If it is the first forward pass or a lateral, yes. There is no difference (in the rules) between passing overhand or underhand.

Who caught Brett Favre's first pass as a packer?

Brett Farve caught His own Pas when it was deflected of a deffensive line men.

Changing the play in the line os scrimmage is call?

An audible.

What does 'check with me' mean in American football?

QB (quarterback) instructs his teammates to listen carefully at the line of scrimmage because he may call another play, or his call at the line of scrimmage will be the play.

Who did Brett Favre complete his first pass in the NFL to?

His first pass was to himself ----Brett Favres first completion was caught by no other than " tough as nails" Brett himself. He was flushed out of the pocket to the left side and launched it. A defender though jumped into the air and deflected the ball,behind the line of scrimmage, high into the air. Brett Favre caught it himself and lost yards on the play. Some people try to say his first completion was an interception, but an interception does not count as a completion. It would be his firts pass attempt was an interception but not the first completion.Himself

Is punt yardage calculated from the line of scrimmage or from where the ball is kicked?

From the line of scrimmage.

What is a lateral pass?

a sideways pass parallel to the scrimmage line but not beyond the scrimmage line.

How does the line of scrimmage show on TV?

The line of scrimmage on tv is usually a red line and the first down in a yellow line.

Is it legal to drop kick beyond the line of scrimmage?

it is not legal to drop kick beyond the line of scrimmage. all you can do beyond the line of scrimmage is pitch the ball backwards.

What does a runningback do?

Runs through the line of scrimmage (line of the players) or gets the football and runs outside the line of scrimmage.

If the quarterback is 5 yards behind the line of scrimige what is that called?

When they are five yards behind the line of scrimmage they call that the SHOTGUN formation.

When hiking the football at what line is it?

Line of scrimmage.

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