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She has been in the water for as long as she can remember and her parents (and of course, her older brothers), are die-hard surfers. And also, to Bethany, Surfing is her quote "way of life" and her passion

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Q: Why does Bethany Hamilton surf?
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When did Bethany Hamilton's learn how to surf?

Bethany Hamilton learned how to surf when she was 4

Where did Bethany Hamilton learn to surf?


Does Bethany Hamilton still surf?


Where did Bethany Hamilton surf the most?


What surf company sponsors Bethany?

if your talking about Bethany Hamilton its Rip Curl

Why did Bethany Hamilton still goin the water after the accident?

Becuase she loves to surf! Why wouldn't she still surf? She can do it! (and she did...) Read "Soul Surfer" by Bethany Hamilton.

How old was Bethany Hamilton when she first learned how to surf?

she was 4 when she learned how to surf

How old was Bethany Hamilton when she learned to surf?


What year did Bethany Hamilton learn to surf?

up ur buy

Who inspired Bethany Hamilton to surf?

her parents and brothers

How many surf boards does Bethany Hamilton have?


Where is Bethany Hamilton's bitten surf board?

At her house.

What does Bethany Hamilton and alana do?

probably mustly surf

Who taught Bethany Hamilton to surf?

I'm pretty sure her parents taught her to surf.

Who are Bethany Hamilton's brothers?

bethnays brother are Timmy and Noah hamilton they also surf

Does Bethany Hamilton still surf at tunnels beach?


Was Bethany Hamilton the first to surf with one arm?


When did Bethany Hamilton learn to surf?

She was four years old.

How can you learn to surf by Bethany Hamilton?

dont get eaten by a shark

When did Bethany Hamilton get attacked?

It was the morning of October 31, 2003. Bethany and a few of her friends had gone out to surf.

Where is Bethany Hamilton's surf board?

Bethany keeps her surfboard with the shark bite in it, in her shed in a behind glass.

What beach does Bethany Hamilton surf at?

She surfs at several different beaches.

Is Bethany Hamilton the mail girl in soul surfer?

no she is a surf girl

Who does Bethany Hamilton surf with?

She mostly surfs with her friend, Alana and her family.

How many years did Bethany Hamilton surf before her attack?

Bethany Hamilton learned how to surf at the age of 2. She was 13 when the shark attack happened, so she had been surfing for 11 years by the time of the attack