Why does Arsenal hate Robin van Persie?

Updated: 10/24/2022
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Robin van Persie does not hate Arsenal because he is the player he is because of the team. What he hates is being trolled by the Arsenal fans who call him a traitor.

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Q: Why does Arsenal hate Robin van Persie?
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Is robin van persie leaving arsenal?

yes robin van persie is leaving arsenal

How much is Robin Van Persie's contract with Arsenal?

Robin van persie's contract with Arsenal is 4 years.

Who is the man of arsenal?

Robin van persie

What number is van persie?

Robin van Persie is number 10 and plays for Arsenal

What actors and actresses appeared in Arsenal Robin Van Persie 100 Goals - 2011?

The cast of Arsenal Robin Van Persie 100 Goals - 2011 includes: Robin van Persie as himself Theo Walcott as himself

How much did arsenal pay for robin van persie?

Arsenal paid Feyenoord £2.75 million for van Persie in May 2004

What is arsenal's striker first name?

ROBIN van persie

What is the highest pay in arsenal fc?

robin van persie

Is robin van persie still captain of arsenal?


What position has Robin Van Persie played in his most recent caps for Holland?

Robin Van Persie is a forward for both Holland and Arsenal.

How many games did it take Robin van Persie to score his 100th goal for Arsenal?

It took Robin van Persie 238 games to score his 100th goal for the Arsenal football club.

Who is the best soccer player in arsenal?

Currently it is Robin van Persie!