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He wears it to protect his shooting arm.

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Q: Why does Antwan Jamison wear one sleeve?
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Why do some baseball players wear one long sleeve?

The long sleeve is actually a compression sleeve. It gives the arm support and keeps it warm

Why wear a short sleeve shirt over a long sleeve one?

Because its a nice outfit, ' and it will keep you warmer. TO KEEP YOU WARMERR!! :D

Do some basketball players wear one long sleeve to cover gang tattoos?


Why does Derek Jeter wear one sleeve long and the other short?

professional baseball players wear the sleeve to keep their throwing arm warm so it doesn't take as much throws to warm-up their arms.

Why do college football referees wear one blue sleeve?

BLUE REFS: The Pac-10's referees will wear blue sleeve covers during the league's five games this weekend to raise awareness of prostate cancer

What is the sleeve some football players wear it's only one sleeve?

Most players will use that sleeve to keep their arm warm or to hide an injury. Sometimes a sleeve might me really torn and is better off removed. And some players just do it as a fashion statement.

Why do football players wear only one long sleeve?

the quarterback wears on sleeve so that while they are on the sidelines their throwing arm and shoulder stays warm to prevent injury

What arm do you wear a basketball shooting sleeve on if you r right handed?

i just wear one on my left all the time but either one it really don't matter some people wear one on both arms

Dreess for office men?

You can wear a coat, inside it is a long-sleeve polo then wear a tie that matches the color of your long-sleeve polo. Then wear pants with colored brown, gray with vertical lines on it or a black one. And last wear your socks that is colored white then wear your black leather shoes. Then, VOILA!!! Your already ready to go to work.

Does Jimi Jamison From The Band ''Survivor' Have Children?

yes, Amy L. Jamison, James Michael Jamison and Lacy E. Jamison,

Why does ellsbury wear one long sleeve on his glove hand?

I'm guessing it's to keep his arm warm

Why doesn't Kobe wear the sleeve anymore?

Kobe had an elbow injury so he needed one. Now, his elbow is fine!