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He is thanking God for giving him the ability to play tennis at such a high level. Giving God all the glory!

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Q: Why does Andy Murray point to the sky when he wins a game of tennis?
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Why does Andy murray point to the sky at the end of a game?

Andy refuses to divulge why he does this as is his right.

Who won the 11 hour tennis game?

Andy hotymun

If the game is at match point what game are you playing?


What is advantage for tennis?

it means game point

What time does Andy Murray vs Rafael Nadal game start?

tonight at 8 PM

How do you win a point in a game of tennis?

Win the rally.

What is a game point in tennis?

A point that puts you two ahead of your opponent, and wins the game.

What is a breakpoint in tennis?

A break in tennis is when the server loses the game to the receiver. A breakpoint is the point of the game which, if the receiver wins the point, will result in the receiver winning the game. Such as if the score was 30-40. The next point would be considered a break point because if the receiver wins the point the receiver will win the game.

How many points are rewarded for a goal in tennis?

You can score a goal in football, but not in tennis. From love (zero), the first point is 15, then 30, then 40, then game point, to win the game.

What is game set match in tennis?

"Game, set, and match" is the term for the final point scored in a tennis match. It's effectively a shorthand for saying "that point ends the game, that game ends the set, and that set ends the match."

What are the points in Tennis?

It is 0 (Love) - 30 - 40 - Game Point.

What is the 2nd point in a tennis game?

30. It should go 15, 30, 40 game.

What does break point mean in tennis?

Break point is a point played which, if won by the returner of service, gives the returner the game.

15 is the FP in a G of T?

15 = first point in a game of tennis

Can you lose a tennis game if you make a double fault?

The answer is no you cant. But you will lose that point.

What is the title of the song played at the end of the Murray nadal game?

I think it was 'Your Time Will Come' by Amy's hoping Andy!!

How many point does a player have to get to win in table tennis?

6 or7 depending on the game

What is name of tennis player known for its speed and ability?

Well theres two in the current game I can think of Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.Nadal's speed on a clay court is simply amazing he reaches to every ball and has also won six grand slams.Meanwhile Andy Murray has got a really good speed on the Hard-court Surfaces. HAsnt won a slam yet but has beaten Federer (Arguably the greatest player of all time) many times. The head to head between Murray and Federe is 6-3 in Murray's favor. He is tipped to win a grand slam in the future.

What does a tennis game start with?

A tennis game starts with a serve.

How do you play a one point deuce in tennis?

This is often referred to as "No-Ad" in which at deuce the player to win the next point wins the game.

What is a breakpoint conversion?

A break point conversion occurs in tennis. If a player has a chance to win the game when playing the next point and does so, he converts his break point.

In tennis what is the Difference between service break and breakpoint?

A service break means that a player has won a game when his or her opponent was serving. A break point is a point when the server is behind and will lose the game if he or she loses that point.

What is an ad in tennis?

Ad means advantage. It is the score in a game. For example if I say ad in, I can win the game if I win the point. If you lose the point the score will go back to deuce.

Which country national game is tennis?

tennis is India's national game.

In tennis what is a deuse?

Deuce is basically a way to win by two points in a match such as tennis or table tennis. You get an 'advantage' when you win your first point, and have to win the second point in order to win the game. If you lose your second point, it'll go back to deuce until somebody wins by two points.