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Q: Why does Alfred want to be a boxer the contender?
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Who is Willie Streeter from The Contender?

In the novel "The Contender" by Robert Lipsyte, Willie Streeter is a former boxer who becomes a mentor to the main character, Alfred Brooks. He helps Alfred train and encourages him to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful boxer, offering valuable guidance and support throughout the story. Streeter is a wise and influential figure in Alfred's life.

Who is nigeria boxer that in world contender in boxing?

Samuel Peter?

What is an example of imagery in the book the contender with page number?

In "The Contender" by Robert Lipsyte, an example of imagery can be found in Chapter 11 when the protagonist, Alfred, imagines himself as a boxer in the ring, feeling the adrenaline of the fight and the sting of his opponent's punches. This vivid imagery helps convey Alfred's determination and inner struggle as he faces challenges both inside and outside the boxing ring.

Did Alfred work in the book the contender?

Yes, Alfred worked at a grocery store.

What happened to Alfred's parents in the contender?

In the book "The Contender" by Robert Lipsyte, Alfred's parents are deceased. His father died of pneumonia, and his mother died of a drug overdose. This traumatic event led Alfred to live with his Aunt Pearl and Uncle Wilson.

What real boxer joined movie boxer Sylvester Stallone as the co-host of the reality show The Contender?

Sugar Ray Leonard

Who is Griffin from the contender?

Griffin is Alfred's second opponent in boxing; he knocked him out.

Who is jelly belly in the contender book?

Jelly Belly is a character in "The Contender" by Robert Lipsyte. He is Alfred's friend and former sparring partner at the gym. Jelly Belly is a supportive and encouraging presence in Alfred's life.

Who are the main characters in the book The Contender?

The main characters are Alfred Brooks, James, Aunt PEarl.

Was Martin Lawrence a boxer?

When he was a teenager, Lawrence was an amateur boxer who was a Mid-Atlantic Golden Gloves contender and seriously considered going pro until he suffered an eye injury that prompted him to reconsider.

What is the theme of the contender?

The theme of "The Contender" by Robert Lipsyte revolves around perseverance, self-discovery, and integrity. The protagonist, Alfred Brooks, learns to overcome adversity, find his identity, and stay true to his values as he navigates the challenges of boxing and life in Harlem.

What happens when a title holding boxer retires while still holding the title?

The title is vacated, and the top ranked contender's fight for the title. THE FIGHTER RETIRES A CHAMPION.