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"Fresh water" the kind that comes from the tap has additives such as Fluorides. Eye drops are basically sterile water. Water alone is irritating to the eye. Tears are composed of water and salt so the eye drops that do not hurt, contain saline.

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Q: Why do your eyes sting and become red when you put fresh water in them and yet they do not when you put in eye drops?
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What is the word rain?

Rain is water falling in drops from vapor condensed in the atmosphere. It is also drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds.

Can fresh water float on salt water?

no< fresh water will become mixed with the salt water

Where does the thames become fresh water?

The Thames has fresh water from its source in the Cotswolds, as nearly all rivers have fresh water from their sources.

What is the process to separate the salt seawater into fresh water to become energy?

Desalination is the process to change the salt sea water into fresh water to become energy.

Where does the River Nile cease to be salt water and become fresh water?

As in the case of all rivers which flow into seas or oceans, the Nile River mixes its fresh water with the salt water of the Mediterranean at its delta. There is no exact point at which a river ceases to be fresh water and become salt water.

How does fresh water become salt water?

The water flows into the ocean!

What is a mass of tiny drops of water in the sky?

A mass of tiny drops of water in the sky is called a cloud. These clouds become heavy and then create rain.

Which is worse to open your eyes in normal water or chlorine water?

Chlorine water. Normal fresh water is good and it cleanses your eyes. But chlorine water is fine as long as there's not to much in the pool your eyes may sting and go red afterwards so just splash them with fresh normal water

What happens to water when the temp drops?

As the temperature drops the vapor pressure of water also decreases and the molecular movement of water decreases. Once the temperature drops enough the molecular movements may even be slow enough for water to become a solid that we know as ice

Water pollution is worse now than it was in the past?

We have a lot of ways of saving fresh water. There is a big need of saving water as it is getting low day by day and if we don't take any steps at this stage then it will become very difficult in the future to see few drops of water even. So it's the right time to take actions to save water hence it gets too late and we have the following ways of saving fresh water.

What does water drops become when a cloud is in freezing air?

hail or snow :)

When does sea water become fresh water?

Sea water never becomes fresh water. Fresh water can be distilled out of sea water, leaving the salt behind, however. But in nature, once ocean water, always ocean water.

Why aren't raindrops salty?

because the sun ONLY evaporates FRESH water so rain drops are NOT salty.

How does salt water become freshwater again?

Salt water can be desalinated. Then it will become fresh and fit for consumption.

Why can you fit more fresh water drops on a nickel then soapy water drops?

Because the hydrogen molecules in water want to stay connected and once you add soap it messes with the bonds and and they don't stay bonded as strongly. Also the mass and density of the water changes when you add soap.

How water can save your life?

You become fresh and healthy, water is life itself

How do you make gum drops soft again after they have become stale?

To make gum drops soft again after they have become stale you should sprinkle them with drops of water and place them on a microwave safe plate. Place the plate in the microwave and heat them for ten seconds.

Do rivers have fresh water?

This is a UK answer All UK rivers are fresh water from their source. As they become closer to the sea they become brackish. I:E the water now has a salt content.

When drops of water in a cloud become heavy enough they fall to Earth as?


What are water drops that fall when the temperature is below freezing and become solid?


What happens when water drops become too large?

they fall back to Earth

Drops of water or ice crystals become too large to stay suspended in cloud?


What are the benefits of fresh water?

Fresh water tastes a little better, and is not weird tasting. Water that is over 2-3 days old can become dirty and unsafe.

How does fresh water become salty?

it travels into the sea which is salty

When Does evaporated ocean water become fresh water?

Ocean water becomes fresh the moment it evaporates, since only the water evaporates. The salt, and other impurities, are left behind, in the ocean.