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Your ears pop because they are adjusting to the change in pressure.

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Q: Why do your ears pop when you take off in an airplane?
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Why do your ears pop in an airplane take off?

This also frequently occurs on landing mainly because of the difference in air pressure.

Why do your ears pop when your airplane takes off?

As the plane climbs, the pressure drops, even in a pressure cabin. The pop is your ears equalizing from ground pressure to altitude pressure.

Why do your ears pop when you go in an airplane?

Because the air pressure is getting heavier so your ears pop.

Why do your ears pop on an airplane?

Because of air- pressure.

What do you feel on an airplane takeoff?

When an airplane takes off, passengers will feel the acceleration and lift off of the plane as it leaves the ground. Sometimes this can make passengers nervous, or as it receives elevation, it can make peoples ears pop.

Your ears pop when you ride in an airplane or when you drive to the mountains why?

b/c of th high altitude

Why do your ears pop when you are in an airplane and the plane descends for a landing?

Because of the dramatic air pressure change.

Why do your ears pop during pregnancy?

Pregnancy will sometimes cause your balance to be off and therefore causing your ears to pop.

Why does your ear pop?

typically your ears pop when they undergo pressure of somesort. for intstance, when you go up in an airplane your ears pop due to altitude pressure and the air lock system in the plane. when you go diving your ears tend to pop because of all the water pressure being placed on your body.

Why do your ears pop when you take off in a an air plane?

because of the loudness in the plane engine but you can chew gum it will help.

What causes your ears to pop on an airplane?

The popping is a result of your body/head adjusting to the pressure differences while on the plane.

Why do your ears pop when traveling in an airplane?

Your ears pop in planes because the air high above the surface of earth is less dense than air near the surface has all the air above it pushing it down.

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