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because you have to glide across the ice on the blades and without skates the ice is hard to move on as it's really slippery.

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Q: Why do you wear ice skates when ice skating?
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What does ice-skating and roller-skating have in common?

both you have to wear skates

What to wear for Ice-Skating?

If you are a man you would prob prefer hockey skates. Women tend to wear figure skates. your choice.

What are used for ice skating? skates...

What sports need ice skates?

The sports of figure skating, speed skating and ice hockey all need ice skates.

What to bring for ice skating lessons?


How do you prevent blisters when you go ice skating?

Wear an extra pair of socks and do your skates up tightly :)

Are black ice skates for boys?

Yes, black ice skates are for boys. In figure skating, my theory is that black is supposed to distinguish a male figure skater from a female figure skater, who wear white ice skates. Most likely, if you are renting ice skates at a public rink, the skates will be brown or blue/black if they are hockey skates. White and black ice skates are for professional usage, and thus, should not be sold to a person with no skating experience at all.

What is the definitiion of ice skating?

To be able to wear shoes with metal blades attached to the sole of them. To then allow the human body to wear these "skates" to glide across ice.

What are the equipment to practice figure skating?

ice skates

What is one equipment played in ice skating?

The main equipment for Ice skating would be a pair of Ice Skates of course

What does it mean to go skating?

It means to go to a skating rink (either ice skating or roller skating), putting on skates, and then skating. The form of skates and the type of rink you need depends on what type of skating you wish to do.

What equipment do you need for ice skating?

Ice skates, something warm to wear (gloves, sweater), and money if it is an indoor place. And maybe a helmet if you fall a lot.

Which Skating event uses skates with the longest blades?

Ice dance

What are tools that you use for ice skating?

Gloves, Warm clothes and skates!

Which skating events usues skates with the largest blade?

ice dancing

Who invented ice skates or ice skating?

It was invented for transportation thousands of years ago. Many different ice skates have been invented over the years. "Ice skating: From Axels to Zambonis" is a good book to read to learn more.

Is inline skating like ice skating?

Inline skating is very much like ice skating. A person like me who inline skates often, picked up a pair of skates and was able to skate very fast and well. If anything, its a little slippery-er

What is the differents between ice skating ans figure skating?

Ice skating anyone can really do, but figure skating you have to have the right skates and you n eed to know how to use the toe pick.

Is skating on the ice skating or watching other people skate?

Ice skating is actually putting on skates and getting out on the ice. There are two kinds of skating. There is Figure Skating, which is the more graceful dancing kind, and Speed Skating, which is just racing on the rink.

How do you practice your figure skating with no ice around?

Get inline skates. Same idea with no need for ice.

What can you wear that begins with the letter i?

People wear inline skates, ice skates and Izod shirts.

What do you wear to ice skate?

Ice skating boots or a ply skating board

What Sports equipment starts with i?

Ice skates are sports equipment. They are used in hockey, figure skating and speed skating.

Something you can wear that starts with an I?

ice skates

What is something you can wear that begins with i?

ice skates