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To play tennis.

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Q: Why do you use tennis balls?
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Who uses tennis balls?

Tennis players use tennis balls during their match.

Why do you use new tennis balls and not old tennis balls?

New tennis balls are considered fresh and not "flat". Old tennis balls exposed to play and air become flat and do not perform normally in a match.

How many tennis balls do they use for the Australian Open?

For every tennis match there maybe 60 balls needed

What kind of tennis balls do they use at Wimbledon?


Do men and women use the same tennis balls?


What kind of equipment do tennis players use?

Tennis raquets & balls. Are you looking for brands?

What physical property can we use to separate tennis balls from rocks?

The density of tennis balls is approx. 0,38 g/cm3 an can float on water.

What is a use for aegirine?

glass, magnets, Tennis balls & blackboards

What kind of tennis balls do they use in the US Open?


Are tennis balls safe for puppies?

not for puppies, they use them for big dogs, if u want a tennis ball for youre puppy go to a pet store and buy special tennis balls

Are ping pong balls and tennis balls the same size?

No. Tennis balls are much larger.

When did yellow tennis balls replace White tennis balls at Wimbledon?

Yellow tennis balls replaced white tennis balls because the Lawn Tennis Association decided that the white balls were difficult to see. You can still buy white balls nowadays at, which is the leading modern and easiest seller for white tennis balls for sale to reach in America and internationally. According to, the first use of yellow tennis balls was in 1986 to make easier viewing on television. Wilson has always been making the white balls for lawn tennis which can be ordered online occasionally. But before the company started selling in 2007, the white ball market was shut down for decades for most common use and is still quite rare. The only tennis balls that can be used in professional tennis is the neon and white, so it technically hasn't been changed within the rules of tennis.

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