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Rally scoring is known to make the length of matches shorter and easier to approximate beforehand. Side out scoring has been known to create unpredictable game lengths, and sometimes games would last for hours. Rally scoring is more continuous, games progress much quicker, and the aid of a cap usually makes for games with a faster end.

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Q: Why do you use rally scoring rather then side out scoring?
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Does volleyball use rally scoring?

Yes, volleyball uses rally scoring.

How does volleyball scoring go?

There are two different ways to score volleyball. The first way is called rally scoring. Rally scoring is where a point is given to the team that doesn't make the mistake, no matter if they didn't even touch the ball. For example: If a team serves it in the net, the other team gets the point. The other type of scoring, I don't know the technical term for it, it is where you don't get the point unless you make the other team make a mistake. For example: When a serve is served over the net, the other team shanks the ball off to the side, the serving team would get the point. But, if the serving team had served it into the net, there would be no point given. Typically, most volleyball associations use rally scoring, the first type of scoring I described. I have personally never heard of any volleyball association us the other type of scoring. Also ,in club volleyball, some games may start at four points.

What type of scoring is used in volleyball?

It depends on what level you are playing at. I play on my high school team and we use rally score. We go up to 25 points and you have to be at least two points ahead to win the game. For example if the score was 25-24 the game would not be over the winning team would have to get one more point to win the game. Rally scoring is when you win the volley [the ball hits the floor on the other teams side or out on your side etc.] you get a point whether or not your team served the ball. In 8th grade we used the original scoring way. We only went to 15 points then but you still had to win by two points. The original scoring is when you have to serve the ball and win the volley in order to get a point.

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