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It be the onliest ways I knows hows.

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Q: Why do you throw a baseball the why you do?
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How do you throw a baseball faster?

place your two fingers (index+middle) on the seams of the baseball and then throw it

Why does baseball have an over throw pitch and softball have an under throw pitch?

Because a softball is heavier then a baseball.

What is easier to do throw a baseball 60 mph or throw a shot-put 60 mph?


What would it be like to throw a baseball in space?

it will be wierd because when you throw it it will fly

What is the gyroball baseball?

Its a type of pitch you can throw in baseball :)

What is the posture to throw a football?

You throw a football like you would a baseball.

If Nick can throw a baseball 300 feet how far can he throw a softball?

im not sure what the distance would be but i do know that it would be shorter, it is harder to throw a softball then it is to throw a baseball Disregard the fact that this person answered your question. The correct answer is the same distance as a baseball.

What are the different skills of softball and baseball?

in softball you throw under hand in baseball you throw over hand. usually the fields in baseball are bigger than in softball.

How do catch and throw a softball?

with a baseball glove and to throw it use your bare hand

The distance a professional baseball player can throw a baseball?

it depend on who it is

How do you throw different pitches in baseball?

by the way you hold the baseball.

What baseball parks are you allowed to throw the baseball back?


How far can a professional baseball player throw a baseball?


Are there any military occupations related to baseball?

Absolutely! The skill needed to throw a baseball can also be used to throw hand grenades.

To throw a baseball to a batter?


What constitutes a catch in baseball?


What does a pitcher throw to a catcher?

A baseball

What do you call to throw in a baseball?

To move

How fast can baseball throwers throw?

Major League pitchers throw at an average of 91.1mph.

Does the kid in E.T. throw a baseball or a tennis ball in to the garage?

a Baseball

Can you throw a tennis ball golf ball or baseball faster?


How far can a top professional baseball player throw a baseball?


Can you throw a tennis ball or baseball faster?

You should be able to throw a baseball faster, since it has more weight and the wind resistance is not that great on the heavier baseball as it is on the lighter tennis ball.

How high can you trow a baseball?

If you meant throw, then it depends how hard and how much strengh you have to throw one

What kind of ball is easier to throw?

really a regular baseball is easier to throw than a softball

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