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Because athletes are mainly entertainers

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Because he's the best.

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Q: Why do you think professional athletes get paid more than the President of the US?
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Who gets paid more the president or professional athletes?

Professional athletes because the president only gets $400,000 a year while some ahtletes can get 10 times that

Who makes more than the president?

Thousands of entertainers, professional athletes , investment counselors and CEO's of corporations earn more than the President.

How many professional athletes are there in Europe?

There are more than 1,000 professional athletes in Europe.

Why do nfl players get payed more than soldiers?

That would be a great question to send off to our President. The reason NFL players get paid more is because of marketing and sponsorship of professional sports and athletes.

How many years must Airforce Academy Athletes serve before becoming professional athletes?

The Airforce Academy is the college for future Air Force officers. The cadets that are athletes at the Air Force Academy will have to fulfill their commitment to the Air Force before becoming professional athletes. This means they typically have to serve four or more years.

What is the average professional league baseball player salary in japan?

I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan. I am trying to find out much professional athletes get paid in japan.

Should professional athletes get paid less?

No. People pay more for entertainment than anything else. Their salary is fine where it is.

Why do many athletes use Rolfing?

Many amateur and professional athletes, including Olympic skaters and skiers, use Rolfing to keep in top condition, to prevent injuries, and to more quickly recover from injuries.

How many athletes make more than 1 million dollars per year?

Athletes don't make that much. its a scam and they want us to think they do.

Who is more powerful pm or president in china?

i think president

Does the President make more or less than the average Professional Athlete?


When were there more Spectators than athletes in the Olympic games?

Generally there are more spectators than athletes.