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Cheerleading is a really great experience. Youll meet new people and learn lots of new fun skills

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2011-01-15 00:21:56
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Q: Why do you think people should try out for cheerleading?
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Should boys and girls try cheerleading?

Yes/No - Boys and girls should be allowed to try cheerleading, however it is one of the most dangerous "sports" in the world, so may be inadvisable....

Is there a cheerleading try out?

Yes, there are cheerleading try-outs if that's your question.

Should i try out for cheerleading?


Is chearleading fun?

Its depends, if you want to know if cheerleading is fun you should try it for yourself.

What songs should me and my friends use for a mix for a cheerleading stunt group?

You and your friends should use an actual cheerleading mix, but if you can't get ahold of one, you can always try fast songs

Should you try out for cheerleader?

Deffinenitly cheerleading is really fun the pyriaminds the flips and all sort so yeah try out

Should you be a cheerleader?

i think i should because im very flexible and i have team spirit. But im not alwawys loud enough. I think anyone who wants to try cheerleading should because it's lots of fun, challenging, and a great way to stay in shape and make new friends

How do you work in cheerleading?

To get a job in cheerleading, you can try out for the cheerleading team of a professional football team (such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders), stunt double for characters in cheerleading movies (have you ever seen Bring It On?), or coach/assistant coach a cheerleading team near you.

In cheerleading If a stunt fall the spotter should try to catch?

Depends on which spotter you mean if its front spotter yes but if its a 2nd spotter they should try if they are coming towards them or really need help,x

Is cheerleading a year-round sport?

yes, cheerleading is a year round sport. First you have try outs right after the cheerleading season is over (which is in march) then right after wards there are try outs and that last about a week. Right after try outs are completed the cheerleading starts all over again. Cheerleaders start practicing early than all the other sports in school.

How far should the government go in its attempts to influence the way people think?

The government shouldn't try to influence the way people think. The government should present facts and allow people to vote how they feel.

Are there more injuries in cheerleading than all other sports?

I say that cheerleading does have more injuries, because you could fall off the pyramid or mess up a stunt. You could fall on the bloopers and when you try to do the splits and you don't know how, you break a leg. So I really do think cheerleading has the most injuries out of any sport!!

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