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You see dirt on the ball because it hit the dirt on the ground.

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Q: Why do you see dirt on your balls?
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How do you dig balls in the dirt at first base?

with a shovel

What are white fuzzy balls on dirt in greenhouse?

Elf testicles.

Why does the umpire change balls after they hit the dirt?

The dirt causes the baseball to have more movement when the next pitch is thrown.

Why do they throw out balls that hit the dirt in MLB but keep them if they're hit?

They do throw the balls out that have hit the dirt after it has been hit. Fielders finish the play and throw it back to the pitcher, and he will throw it back to the catcher to give to the umpire.

Why dont the tennis balls get dirty on clay?

It will get dirt but when the balls are stroked hard by the players the dirt in the fur leaves it. So it seems to us that the ball is clean. At the same time it is not so clean as a new ball. some dirt will there. when we are seeing in the television it looks like the ball is clean.

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if you have big balls and can flip fast ya

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Why when you take a bath you can still see dirt?

Taking a bath does not affect your vision, so you can still see dirt.

What bee or wasp makes little round balls of dirt on top of the ground?

Mahogany Wasps.

Do gophers have balls?

they do have balls but there so small u cant see them

For school we have to make a water filter with only three layers do you think fine gravel coarse gravel and cotton balls are good layers and in which order and will brown dirty watercome out clear?

I suggest you put the coarse gravel on top, the fine gravel in the middle and the cotton balls on the bottom. The less gaps in the material the more dirt will get trapped. The coarse gravel will take a small amount of the dirt out. Then the fine gravel will take out more and finally the cotton balls will most likely take out the rest leaving an evenly distributed amount of dirt in each layer. If the cotton balls are on top then the dirt would fill the cotton balls and some of it might still come through then the layers of gravel may not be effective to such small pieces of dirt.

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Hikaru dorodango is the art of molding balls of mud into spheres and polishing them to a high luster.

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