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You don't. you run them counter-clockwise

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Q: Why do you run the bases in baseball clockwise?
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What is the point of baseball?

The point of baseball is to hit the ball and run the bases.

Why do baserunners run counterclockwise?

Well, I do not know the whole detail to this question but can give some insight. The reason why baseball players run the bases counter clockwise along with NASCAR, INDY, horse racing, dogs, running counter clockwise etc., has a lot to do with the American Revolution. Early Americans hated the British so much they wanted to do almost eveything opposite to their rules. In England and Europe, they run car and horse races clockwise, and I think Cricket runs clockwise as well, although they do not have a diamond like American Baseball. Hope that helps!

Why are there bases in baseball?

So the players have something to run to

Why do they call a baseball a baseball?

Because when you hit the ball, you run around the bases.

How did baseball get its name?

they use bases and a ball: you "run the bases", three spots located on the baseball diamond, when you hit the ball.

Where did the term ball come from in baseball?

its baseball because you run around bases and you play with a ball

Why do baseball runners run counter clockwise rather than clockwise rotation?

Right handed batters were predominant in those days, and their batting stance transitions more smoothly into the run to where first base currently sits.

Do you run clockwise on softball? run counterclockwise.

Is it legal to run the bases in the correct order but run backwards in baseball?

If you want to get pelt in your next at bat then YES

How do you hit home runs in slow pitch softball?

Swing hard, aim for the ball and run once you hit it. Oh, don't forget to run to all the bases in a counter clockwise direction.

What is a triple in baseball?

A triple is when you hit the ball and you get to third base when you run around the bases.

What is the space between bases on a baseball field where the runners run called?

base paths.

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