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So it can move!

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Q: Why do you put fuel in a car?
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What can pepsi do inside your car fuel?

NO, if you put it in the fuel it will ruin the car.

What sentence can you use for the word fuel?

Well, its a liquid to put in a car that makes the car gobut if you are looking for a sentence with fuel in it, then say "i putfuel in the car"

How does your body function like a car?

You have to put fuel in it.

What causes a car to idle fine but dies when put in gear?

Fuel injection or fuel contaminated?

What do you do if you put 2 stroke fuel in your car?

If you just put a gallon then do nothing as it will not harm the engine. Just fill the fuel tank and you will be fine.

Why the fuel used for aeroplane is not used for car?

Airplanes have a unique engine that can only run on a certain fuel and if you put it in your car it wouldn't be able to burn it. :)

Why does car shake after you put gas in?

Filling your fuel tank will not make your car shake, unless you got some bad fuel that was contaminated with moisture.

What happens if you put fossil fuel in a car?

petrol and diesel are fossil fuels so if you put fossil fuels in your car it should run

Why does your low fuel light stay on?

you need to put gas in the car.

Why is my Car making noise when you put the key on start?

Fuel pump

Can you put 4 stroke fuel in unleaded car?

it is the same thing

Can nuclear used as car fuel?

No, nuclear reactors are currently too big/heavy to put into a car.

What would make a car not get gas to the motor?

if the car is fuel injected there is a fuel pump cut out switch in case of an accident this cuts the power to the fuel pump to revent fuel being put onto the road if the fuel line is severed in a crash

Will fuel injector cleaner work if diesel gas was put in car?

No, the fuel system needs drained and flushed.

What is the relationship between fossil fuel and humans?

You use it to put fuel in your car and heat your home with the energy it produces.

Why buy a car that uses fuel?

The pragmatic reason is: Because there are no cars for sale that don't use fuel. Any car you buy will need fuel. The scientific reason is: Because a car that uses no fuel goes nowhere. If you want to move people and stuff from one place to another, it takes energy to do that. If you do it with a horse, then you have to put energy into the horse before you can take it out of the horse. And if you want to do it with a car, then you have to put energy into the car before the car has energy to move things with. The energy comes from the fuel you put into the car.

How does the car move?

the car moves when you put fuel in it. Than when you turn the engine on its like pulling a motor from the lawn mower than the engine would start up but wouldn't move the car that is why you need fuel to start. than the fuel will go in to the engine causing it to burn the fuel and strong enough for it to move the car

What happens if you put the wrong type of fuel into a 1993 Honda 50?

If your engine is not a diesel engine and you put diesel fuel in it is going to smoke allot and could cause internal problems. Now if your car is a diesel engine and you put regular fuel in it it probably wont run for long, but if you just put a different grade of fuel in you will be just fine. let say your car takes premium fuel (92 octane) and you put 89 or 87 octane in it the only variable that's going to change is maybe a little performance and fuel consumption

1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when put in gear?

If a 1988 Chevy Cheyenne dies when it is put into gear, check the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is not getting adequate fuel, it will cause the car to die.

What do you do if the fuel leaked and ripped up the hoses in your car?

Put on new hoses.

Car will start if you put gas but just dies?

sounds like you need a fuel filter or fuel pump or both

Can you put regular unleaded gasoline in a flex fuel car?

Yes you can, infact you will get better Fuel mileage than E85.

What type of gas should you put in your hybrid vehicle?

The same fuel you would put in an all-petrol car.

When should you replace the fuel filter on a 2003 Camry?

When your car has problems with fuel delivery. Usually, if you put a good quality gas in your car (Shell, Mobil and so on) you do not have to do it at all.

What happends when car wax is put in car gas tank?

The inside of the gas tank will shine like new, but the fuel lines, fuel pump, and engine will be need to be cleaned out.