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You do not need one. A wet suit keeps you warm. You would only wear one if you are swimming in the ocean.

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Q: Why do you need wetsuit for swimming?
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What is the best wetsuit for cold water swimming?

The Blueseventy!!!

What equipment do you need to compete in a Triathlon?

To comete in a triathlon you will need, a wetsuit, tri suit, trainers, a bike, cycling hat and a swimming cap/hat.Hope this helps :)

In what situations is an Orca wetsuit used?

An Orca wetsuit is used for swimming, mainly in triathlon tournaments and competitions. It is for both men and women and aids in swimming, allowing the user to swim faster and more efficiently.

What do you need for surfing?


What is the lowest water temperature at which you can safely go swimming in a wetsuit?

12° celsius

Why do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

You don't always need a wetsuit, it is just in winter or cold countries you would wear one. It is too cold even unbearable without one so that's why you would need a wetsuit!

Are there advantages to a one piece wetsuit?

The advantages to a one piece wetsuit are that the individual does not have to worry about losing their top or bottom when swimming. Also the material is smooth which allows the best amount of speed.

How much does a wetsuit cost?

i would say from 50.00 to 350.00 All depends on brand and how warm of a wetsuit you need. Generally the warmer (& thus the thicker) the wetsuit is, the more expensive it is.

Do you need a wetsuit for surfing?

no but it is good to wear one

What kind of attire should you wear when swimming?

Open water-wetsuit Everything else-just swim suit.

Why do you wear a wetsuit when swimming with dolphins?

Because the water is more cold than regular water when u swim with them.

Can you swim in the arctic ocean?

yes but you will need a thermal wetsuit

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