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Q: Why do you need coordination in squash?
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Define Coordination What is the needs of coordination?

You need the coordnations to move to each planet.

Why do football players need coordination?

Coordination is the ability to repeatedly execute a sequence of movements smoothly and accuratley. football players need coordination to be able to aim and kick the ball into the goal.

Do doctors need coordination?

Of course they do!

What sports need no coordination?


Approaches for effective coordination?

1. Using basic management techniques.2. Increasing coordination potentials.3. Reducing the need coordination.

Do swimmers need coordination?

yes. because if they don't have coordination, they couldn't execute a stroke properly. . .

Why do you need coordination for netball?

Due to the introvertical side of the game you need coordination to be able to kick the ball hard into the air. Digging or passing the ball is essential in volleyball and in order to pass the ball you need to have good coordination. In other words you can't be tight, you need to be loose.

Why do you need coordination for basketball?

Because you need to CATCH THE BALL!! dummy

What kind of squash equipment is needed to play the game?

If you are interested in playing squash, you will need a well-balanced racquet. You will also need the right kind of shoes and a squash ball. The balls are made of a special type of rubber.

Why do cells need signals?

For coordination of It's activities.

What moves do you need coordination for in gymnastics?

uhhh... EVERYTHING!!

What skill does skateboard have?

You need balance, coordination, and luck