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so that if you are at the surface, and you need to swim to get to your boat or to shore, you do not use your precious air supply. instead, you use the snorkel.

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2012-01-02 17:03:28
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Q: Why do you need a snorkel to scuba dive?
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What do you need to scuba dive?

Mask, fins, snorkel, SCUBA tanks, Buoyancy Control Device and weights. It's also nice to have a wetsuit and dive computer.Also, see the answer in the question "What is the required equipment for scuba diving?"

How old do you need to be to scuba dive?

you need to be 10 to scuba dive.

How do you learn to scuba dive?

To learn to scuba dive you need to go a scuba diving course.

Why do scuba diver's use a snorkel mask?

Scuba divers use a snorkel mask to save air from the tank, which is needed when underwater. It is also a safety measure in case air in the tank runs out, in which case the snorkel can be used to return to the boat or shore at the end of the dive.

Name activities you might do on a hawaiian vaction?

-Surf -Swim -Snorkel/Scuba Dive -Hula Dance -Luau

What physical things do you need to scuba dive?

You need a wetsuit/drysuit, first and second stage apparatus, a snorkel (to save air), whistle/airhorn, buddy, certification, scuba tanks, and you would need a mask, defogger, and there is some optional equipment that you may need.

Name an activity you might do while on a Hawaiian honeymoon?

Surf, Swim, Snorkel/Scuba Dive, Hula dance, Lua

Can you swim with a perforated eardrum?

Yes you can swim. It would not be a good idea to scuba dive or snorkel to far below the surface of the water.

Can a hamster scuba-dive?

No, they can't scuba-dive.

Where would you live in order to be an oceanographer?

You usually live in Hawaii, California, or Florida. You have to live somewhere warm so you can snorkel, or scuba dive.

Except for dive fins what type of fins could one buy for scuba diving?

There are a wide range of different fins available for scuba diving. Other than dive fins, these include fins such as snorkel fins, paddle fins and split fins.

How deep can a child scuba dive?

children should not scuba dive.

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