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You need this so you are able to move your body and not injure yourself

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Q: Why do you need Aerobic endurance in gymnastic?
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What do you need aerobic endurance for dance?

you need aerobic endurance for cardio to be able to dance and have a more structured dance move

Why do you need aerobic endurance in football?

You don't

Do you need aerobic endurance in football?

yes u need it...

Why do footballers need aerobic endurance?

a footballer will need aerobic endurance because: a match lasts 90minutes and they will need to be active for much of his time. they need to be able to perform at a high level for the whole match. many injuries occur when a footballer gets tired- therefore they need good levels for aerobic endurance to reduce the possibility of an injury.

What fitness do you need for football?

aerobic endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, speed, strength & body composition :)

What is another name for a aerobic endurance?

Another name for aerobic endurance is muscular endurance.

Why do netball players need aerobic endurance?

To keep your dick alive!

What are sporting example of aerobic endurance?

An example for aerobic endurance is for example is running hope this helps

Why do you need Muscle plus aerobic endurance in swimming?

you need it to help you swim longer :)x

What is the definition of aerobic endurance?

Aerobic endurance is the time which you can exercise, without producing lactic acid (and it building up) in your muscles. In other words, aerobic endurance is stamina, the amount of time you can maintain an aerobic use of energy (oxygen).

Why do you need aerobic endurance in boxing?

ask you great great great great NANA

Why use aerobic endurance?


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