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Badminton, provided one plays competitively and with intensity, offers the players an opportunity to combine technique, agility, endurance, power, and deception into genuinely exciting experience. Despite what is most often conjured up when badminton is thought of, Badminton is one of the most demanding sports one can participate in. Depending on what you look for in a sport, you can find fast paced action in doubles play, or technical strategy in singles play. With practice and some time, Badminton can change from a backyard recreational flop into a serious, and seriously fun sport.

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Q: Why do you like to play badminton?
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Why do you like badminton?

Not all people like badminton but it can be a healthy sport to play.

What is a match point in badminton?

the point is that if you don't like Tennis you play badminton

What sports do the like to play in the Philippines?


Where one can play badminton in Kuwait?

You can play Badminton several place in Kuwait, there is some Badminton club you can join and start play. Like FILBAK, IBAK, FBAA, FBC

How much people like to play badminton what is the percentage of badminton?

dont know mate

Do people enjoy playing badminton?

Yes people like to play badminton as it is a quick game and not expensive either.

How many people play badminton in a team?

Badminton is played like tennis, in singles or doubles. It is not a team sport.

Who can play badminton?

Any one who is interested towards playing can play badminton.

Conclusion to play badminton?

People come to the conclusion to play badminton because it is fun for them to play. Badminton is an outdoor, and typically causal, racket sport.

What is a place where you play badminton called?

its called a Badminton Court

What skills are required to play badminton?

you like so totally need to be fit

Who plays badminton in the Olympics?

people who want to play badminton...thats who

Who are first people to play badminton?

Indians in Badminton Hall Pune

How do you say to play badminton in french?

Je joue au badminton

What is a backhand drop in badminton?

If you don't know this then you shouldn't play badminton

What training could you do to improve your fitness in badminton?

dont play badminton

Why did people like to play badminton?

when you play badmintan the fun comes it too nice that is also a good for exercise

What sport do they play in Indonesia?

They play badminton and football

In which sport do you play a shuttleccock?


What is your target to play badminton?

to win

What game do 'shuttlers' play?


What is badminton scoring?

badminton is scoring points like in tennis or like in cricket

What is defending in badminton?

when defending in badminton players usually play side by side when attacking players play front and back

What did they use to play badminton when it was first invented?

They used feather shuttlecocks and badminton rackets.

Is badminton just a girls sport?

No. Both men and women play the sport of badminton.