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You don't and they don't. They generally wear knee and thigh pads but most skill postion players choose not to wear those either. I played for years and have NEVER seen shin pads!

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Q: Why do you have to wear shin pads when playing football?
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Do you need shin pads for futsal?

Yes you should wear shin pads while playing football, or it could be dangerous for you.

Whats protection in football?

Footballers are required to wear shin pads/guards.

Why do football players wear football shinpads?

footballers were shin pads to protect their shins when a player slide tackles them

How can sports injuries be prevented?

Protect yourself. If you are playing football make sure you are wearing alll your equipment! If your playing soccer wear your shin pads. Don't try to be cool and not wear your equipment because you mat end up with an injury! I hope this helped!

How do you properly wear shin pads?

on your shins then take of them because all shin pads wont fit you

Something a football player wears under his uniform?

American football players wear many things under their uniform. These include shoulder pads and thigh pads. If you are talking international football (soccer) then the main piece of equipment players wear under their uniforms are shin guards.

What size shin pads does a 14 year old wear?

My son is 14 year old i think he needs a size adult shin pads for football but i am not sure what size he needs do you have a size chart or any information at all of sizes.

Do you wear shin pads in volleyball?

No, you can wear knee pads that go on your knees to help with digging.

Do you have to wear shin pads in soccer?


Do goalkeepers wear shinpads?

Yes, goalkeepers wear shin pads.

What do you wear for hockey?

It depends on what kind of hockey. If you are playing ice hockey you should wear: Ice skates (for ice hockey, not figure skates)shin pads & knee pads (most wear socks over shin and knee pads)padded shortschest and shoulder pads (they look like the pads that foot ball players wear. Make sure to get hockey pads)elbow padsneck guard (optional, but if you want to stay safe and warm you should wear one).helmet (you should wear a cage helmet)Jersey (to complete the uniform)

What clothing items do you wear when playing football?

i guess u just wear your pads like knee pads shoulder pads helmet mouthpeice uniform and your cup most importantly bring A game

Does basketball players wear shin guards?

No, in basketball players do not wear shin guards. Some leaugues do require knee pads though.

Are there pads for leg protection?

In soccer (football) there are shin guards which cover your shins, obviously. But there are no manditory leg pads. You could google FIFA laws of the game to see if you are allowed to wear other pads but you are not required. Hope this helps

What is the name of the equipment that soccer players wear on their legs?

They are commonly referred to as "Shin Pads" or "Shin Guards".

What sports wears the most padding?

My guess would be Ice Hockey. Given that American football players wear shoulder and leg pads as well as a helmet; ice hockey players are required to wear a helmet, shoulder pads, padded pants, elbow pads, and shin/knee pads. Don't forget the padded skates, gloves, and mouthguards!

What is used when playing hockey?

What you wear, besides clothes, are shin pads, hockey socks and boots. You will also need a hockey stick and you play with a ball.

Can Lacrosse goalies wear leg pads?

Box lacrosse goalies do wear leg pads made of hard plastic material like a big shin guards, in field lacrosse goalies can only wear soccer style shin guards

Do referees and linesmen have to wear shin guards in football?


Why do footballers wear shin pads?

so they dont hurt their shins

What Do Footballers Wear?

A jersey, shorts, socks, shin pads and boots

How do you prevent traumatic brain injuries in sports?

If you are playing football, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wear your protective gear. Same with hockey, and most other contact sports. For basketball, wear knee pads and a mouth guard. Soccer: You can invest in a concussion protector and always wear shin guards. Softball or baseball: Wear a mask or pitching helmet, and always wear a helmet when batting. I hope this helps!

What kinds of pads do football players wear?

They wear many.... you have your basic shoulder pads, knee pads, hip pads,thigh pads tail bone pads and your cup.

Why do footballers wear shin pads under their socks?

Mainly as team colours need to be worn, so players can be distinguished. Some shin guards are held in place with the socks. And shin pads have heavy branding which would need to be covered anyway.

What to wear for football?

The following is a list of the necessary equipment to be safe playing football - (soccer):ShirtShortsSocksBoots with studsShin pads, possibly with ankle protectorsmaybe bodywarmers