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So I see you don't know. Manchester United Football (Soccer in US) Club's nickname is the Red Devils.

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Q: Why do you have the devil in Manchester united club badge?
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Where is the club Manchester United?


What country does Manchester united play for?

Manchester United is a club in England.

What was Manchester United called in 1930?

The club was originally called Newton Heath LYR Football Club, the club changed its name to Manchester United in 1902, so in 1930 it was called Manchester United.

Which is the most popular football club in Europe?

Manchester United Manchester United

What sport is Manchester United famous for?

Manchester United is an English football club.

What is the most popular football club in world?

Manchester united

Is Manchester United the second riches club?

Yes, Manchester United is the 2nd rich club but they are quite close to be the 1st riches club!!!

Which club is the best club in England?

ManChester United

What is the most popular football club in Manchester?

Manchester United.

Which football club has the most supports?

Manchester United

Which club is better Liverpool or united?

manchester united

Which of the machester club has won most premier league titles Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United