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if your in your teens, that is normal becuese, hopefully, that means it's growing. Their is not much you can do, aside from drinking water, eating heathly ( you won't fell it as badly then) and sleeping

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Q: Why do you have groin pains and what can you do to get rid of it I play soccer and everytime i play i have groin pains which last for several days tehn go away but come back when i play again.?
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What is the best way to recover from groin injury caused during soccer and running?

Maybe REST.

Is it possible to play soccer with a pulled groin?

It is possible, but it is strongly recommended that you follow the advice of your trainers and doctors.

Could you damage anything if you play soccer and what could you damage?

Mainly you can damage your knee, ankle or groin and hamstring.

How do i know if i have a groin strain or sports hernia not tender but hurts in lower abdominal and groin feels sore after playing soccer?

This sounds more like a strain. A hernia would show as 'lump' in the groin area. If you have any doubts or it lasts for more than a few days, see the doctor.

Do soccer players wear jocks?

No- because a soccer ball can not travel fast enough to cause serious injury. They usually wear briefs under their soccer shorts. Although taking a block to the groin doesn't feel amazing still.

What does it mean if you have a sore groin?

sore groin ,groin muscle pain

How to spell oink in french?

groin, groin

please let me know name and address of surgeon who does laparoscopic surgery on groin hernia.?

Dr. David S. Edelman at 8940 N Kendall Dr. #804E is in Miami and will do groin hernia and has had several positive reviews from his patients.

What happens when you have tissue damage in groin area?

you have pulled your groin

What is directional term from groin to buttock?

The buttocks are posterior to the groin.

What is groin area called?

The groin, the genitals, or the pubic region.

What barnyard animal word is known in France as groin groin?