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Yellow Card actions:

  • Unsporting behaviour of any type, example: a dangerous slide tackle.
  • Dissent (Disagreeing with the referee's or linesman's decision).
  • Persistent infringement of rules, example: constantly tripping people.
  • Entering or leaving the field without permission.
  • Delaying the game, perhaps by refusing to stand the proper distance from a free kick, or not throwing in the ball for a long period of time.
  • Removing shirt is a common yellow card offence which occurs frequently when a player scores a goal.
  • Kicking the ball away when a free kick has been conceded almost always results in a yellow card.

Red Card actions:

  • Serious foul, perhaps violent.
  • Violent conduct, fighting, (spitting is included).
  • Deliberate offense to stop a goal or huge goal opportunity. example: a defenseman using his hands to stop the ball from going into the net. Tripping a man on a breakaway.
  • Receiving a second yellow card.
  • Offensive, abusive language or actions.

Note: If a person gets a red card due to receiving two yellow cards, first the second yellow card is shown, and then the red card is shown.

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For Disciplinary reasons.

Examples: Bad Tackles, Abusive Language, Dissent, Time Wasting, Excessive Celebration, and Fighting.

Yellow Card: Warning, for mild behaviors.

Red Card: Extreme behavior, Fighting.

2 Yellows (in a single game) = Red

Red = Expulsion from game and suspension for next game.

Yellow = Depending on how many yellows you've had before, you can also get suspended for next game. - EXAMPLE: In Spanish Football, 5 yellow cards = Suspension. In The Champions League, 3 yellows = Suspension. Every other odd number yellow card after that (5,7,9,etc.) will also result in suspension.

Source: UEFA Champions League Rules and Regulations Handbook.

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There are 7 cautionable offenses and 7 send-off offenses specific in the Laws of the Game. A player must commit one of them.

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Q: Why do you get red and yellow cards in soccer?
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Was there ever been a black card in soccer?

No only yellow and red cards are there in soccer.

What colour cards are used in soccer?

The cards used in soccer (2) were the yellow card (warning) or red (sent off).

Did Leo Messi ever get a red or yellow card in soccer?

Of course he has received 1 or more yellow and red cards. Yes

When were red and yellow cards first used in soccer?

in the 1970's

Yellow cards in soccer?

Its like a warning :)

Is there a purple card in soccer?

You cant get blue cards. You can get red and yellow cards though. You get a yellow card for a foul or diving or a minor handball. If you get two yellow cards then you get a red card and get sent off. You get a straight red card for a bad foul or a goal saving handball or a goal saving foul. ____ There are blue cards in indoor soccer and beach soccer. Word Cup, European and English soccer don't use the blue card. I don't believe the MLS does either. The blue card is issued for minor violations and the player is generally sent off the field for a few minutes to serve a penalty.

What sport is played during two periods of 45 minutes each and involves a system of fouls using red and yellow cards?

Soccer is one such sport.

In soccer does 3 yellow cards equal 1 red card?

The player would be sent off after the second caution, not the third.

How many yellow and red cards has steven Gerard got?

This season he has got no red cards or yellow cards so far!

How many red and yellow cards were issued during the 2010 world cup?

260 yellow cards 17 red cards.

How else can you get a red or yellow card in soccer other than a misconduct or a foul?

Cards are only shown for misconduct. A foul can also be misconduct, but does not have to be.

What percent of soccer players get yellow cards in 1 season?