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The water evaporating off your skin makes you feel cold and the wind helps evaporate the water faster.

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Q: Why do you feel cold when you get out of swimming pool specialy windy?
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Why do you feel colder after swimming on a wintry day?

first why are you swimming on a wintery day and it's because it's a wintery day and its cold just like how when you swim on a windy day it just feels colder

Why a swimming pool is colder on a windy day?

Things feel colder when you get wet as a result of evaporation and condesation. On a windy day this process takes place more quickly and becomes colder.

Why do you feel cold when you come out of a swimming pool?

Evapouration of the water on your skin requires heat, which it draws from your body, making you feel cold.

Why do you feel cold after you get out of the swimming pool?

Because change of temperature

Which type of heat transfer is responsible for making you feel cold when you are swimming in a pool that is cold throughout?


Can you touch the wind?

Yes, you can because if you lift your hand up when its a windy day, you can feel a cold breeze on your hand.

Why do you feel so cool when you just got out of the pool esspcialy on a windy day?

Due to being in the pool too long, your body temperature decreases. Added to that since it's a windy day and your wet all over, your bound to feel cool and cold.

Why do you feel cold when you enter the swimming pool?

because when you enter you body heat is not released

Why does it feel cold when you get into a swimming pool?

Generally because the water is cooler than your body temperature.

Is air colder when moving?

It is actually and measurably warmer because its molecules are in motion relative to still air. It feels colder because it evaporates moisture off your skin. In hot, dry and windy conditions, if you get out of a swimming pool the wind will feel very cold right up to the point when you are dry, then suddenly you will get very HOT.

When you jump into a swimming pool why does the water feel cold to begin with?

because your body hasn't adjust to the temp to the pool

Why you feel cold after coming of a warm swimming pool on a hot day?

Because the air around you is hotter then water in the pool.

Why do you feel cold when you get out of a swimming pool even if the air is warm?

Because the water at the surface of our body begins to evaporate and evaporation causes cooling.

What is windy?

The term windy refers to the air in the atmosphere moving at high speeds. You can feel the wind and you can see it moving trees and other objects.

What type of heat transfer is responsible for making you feel cold when you are swimming in a pool that is cold throughout?

Conduction. Heat travels from high to low to balance itself, in a cold pool our warm bodies will lose heat to balance the waters temperature.

Why is it a good idea to wear a jacket outside if its fairly warm but windy?

The wind blowing over your skin removes body heat. The stronger the wind, the colder you feel. The increase cooling a wind can cause is called the wind-chill factor. Even though it may be fairly warm outside on a windy day the wind-chill factor could make you feel cold. Because of this it would be a good idea to take a jacket.

Is the phase change to condensation endothermic or exothermic?

Condensation is exothermic. The other way around (evaporation, endothermic) will cost the same amount of energy. This is more imaginable: it is this what you'll feel as 'cooling off' when you finished swimming coming out of the water at a windy beach.

Why do you get cold after swimming?

Theres a few reasons for that. First, once you stop swimming, your body temperature will start to decrease because you aren't exerting anymore energy. Secondly, you're wet, so it is easier to feel cold, especially if there is wind. Thirdly, the pool water was probably cooler than your body temperature so it would cool you.

Why do you feel cold after coming out of the shower?

If you use tapwater, you may feel cold but if you use a heater, you wont feel cold.

Why is it when it's raining the water in the swimming pool is warm but when it is sunny the water in the swimming pool is cold?

It's all about how your body reacts to relative temperatures. The truth is that the pool temperature is not likely to be the culprit. It's more about how your body perceives the difference between the outside temperature vs the pool temperature. The transition from standing in the hot sun to getting into your pool makes the water feel colder than it might feel than if you are standing in cold rain before entering the pool.

Does Blackpool tower swy in the wind?

Slightly, you can feel it if you are at the top on a really windy day

Why do you feel lighter in a swimming pool?

we feel lighter when we are in a swimming pool. this is because of buoyant force or upthrust. it is the upward force acting on a body immersed in a fluid.

Why do you feel cooler on a hot windy day compared with a hot still day?

The wind increases the evaporation of sweat from your skin so you feel cooler.

Is wind and air the same element?

Wind and Air are the same element. Well, it depends air is just like still-air Wind is a gust of preasure gurting from all directions.(Try This: when it's a windy day wet a finger then go out side and point to the sky. feel how its cold and you'll feel what direction the wind is blowing.

Is 70 degrees good swimming weather for a beach?

yes as long as its not windy... the wind can make it feel like 60 instead of 70 Just turn ur thermostat in your house to 70 and you will see what 70 feels like its warm without a shirt on as long as theirs no wind or very little wind.