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In soccer dribbling is used to move the ball down the feild with you while keeping it in close range. You pass the ball from one foot to the other while running. When you get far enough down the feild, you either pass or shoot.

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Q: Why do you dribble for in soccer?
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What is the best way to effectively dribble a soccer ball?

The best way to dribble it is to keeping tapping it with your toe or kick it hard enough so you can run and dribble. If it works you might be into soccer and maybe good at it. ;)

Do you have to have skills to play soccer?

yes you have to be able to dribble the ball.

How do you dribble a soccer ball?

by kicking the ball side to side

Which word do you use when you run with the soccer ball at your feet?


What is the purpose of a soccer dribble?

To gain metres closer to the goal.

How do you know when to dribble or passing in soccer?

Pass whenever you can. Dribble when you have an opportunity to put yourself in a better position to make a good pass.

Can a goalie dribble past the half court in Soccer?

Can they? Yes. Will they? Probably not.

What is it called when you move a soccer ball down the field with your feet?


What are some common rules in basketball and soccer?

in basketball you can't walk with the ball, dribble with 2 hands at the same time, and dribble stop and dribble again. In soccer u can't use your hands unless u r goalie, and in both don't foul them

How should a soccer player able to dribble and score?

You should be able to dribble with both of your feet. you should be able to run with the ball not a tight dribble until a player gets on you and shoot from the 18.

How to know when to pass or dribble in soccer?

I Taking A Class D liscense and this is my topic.

What is dribble in soccer?

Dribbling in football, is running with the ball close to the players feet.

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