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Q: Why do you change stadiums in the super league?
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Where do they have the Super Bowls?

in stadiums of NFL teams as decided by the league

Where is the Super Bowl held at?

In famous and large stadiums (Superdome, Florida Stadiums, and So Cal stadiums).

What Australian rugby league teams own their own stadiums?

Every Rugby League team have their own stadiums.

Why isn't the Super Bowl played indoors?

Superbowls are not played in either of their home grounds.. Superbowl XLVI is in Indianapolis, IN.

How do you unlock other stadiums in backbreaker on Xbox 360?

You unlock the stadiums by completing a league in RTBB

How many football field for their in US?

There are 1000's including NFL Stadiums, smaller league stadiums, high school fields, etc. But there are 31 NFL Stadiums.

Do Major League Baseball stadiums have Wi-Fi?

the a's do

How do you get the Super Bowl stadiums in Madden NFL 2007?


How do you get stadiums on Mario Super Sluggers?

Pass all of the missions.

What state has the most super bowls played in there stadiums?


What will the world cup stadiums be used for after the world cup 2010?

International Friendly matches and League games (If there are not enough stadiums for leagues).

What is the record for visiting all Major League Baseball stadiums?

one guy went to all 30 mlb stadiums in 30 days!