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Q: Why do you avoid harden or fatty site when injecting subcutaneous?
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When administering a subcutanous injection why would you avoid an injection site that is hardened or fatty?

when administering a subcutaneous injection why would you avoid an injection site thats hardened or fatty

The fatty layer of skin that stores energy?

The Subcutaneous Layer

Is a subcutaneous injection made into the fatty layer just below the skin?

Yes, a subcutaneous injection is made into fatty layer below the skin.

What layer of skin reduces heat loss?

the subcutaneous layer..or the fatty tissue layer underneath the dermis

The subcutaneous layer is also called the hypodermis or the?

fatty tissue or subcutaneous fat

Injection into the fatty tissue should be what?

A subcutaneous injection

What is the fat layer of the skin?

It is the subcutaneous layer The hypodermis is the fatty layer under the skin.

Do humans have fatty layer under their skins?

Humans have a layer of fat under their skin called subcutaneous fat.

What injection site is most appropriate for a subcutaneous injection for a patient with cachexia and little peripheral subcutaneous tissue?

For obese patient, pinch skin at site and inject needle at 90-degree angle below tissue fold. Rationale: Obese patients have fatty layer of tissue above subcutaneous layer.25 ~ Mosbys Nursing Skills

What not to eat before a lipid profile test?

avoid fatty foods, no coffee, tea or pop, avoid sugar, eggs, shrimp, crab and lobster, or fatty cuts of beef.

What is the medical term meaning a benign fatty yellowish tumor in the subcutaneous layer of the skin?

a medicial term that refers to a genetic condition in which the body is unable to make melanin

To keep your digestive system healthy you should avoid .?

fatty foods