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women get payed less than men in sports because men sports have higher attendance and larger network deals thus the orginozation has more money to pay the players

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Q: Why do women get paid less the men in sports?
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Why do women get paid less amount of money in sports?

Most of the time women aren't as talented as men

Is it true that women get paid less then men?


Which is true when comparing men and women in the workplace?

woman are paid less than men

What is true about women in the workforce in the 1960 early?

Women paid less than men

How much do women cricket players get paid?

Yes they get paid. Bit it is less than Men.

What statement is true of working women in the 1900s?

they were paid less then men

Why did unions advocate for women being paid the same rate as men?

Women have been traditionally paid less than men. Employers reasoned that women were not the head of the family and could be paid less. There has always been gender inequality and it still exists today. Women still make only .77 cents on the dollar compared to men doing the same job.

Which of these is true about women in the workforce in the early 1960's?

Women were paid less than men. Women were blocked from moving to higher-level jobs.

Were women paid the same for their factory jobs as the men during World War 2?

women were paid less because most of the factories were sexist and believed that women could not do as good a job as men, the women received on average £3.50 where as the men received £7.00.

Is its fair that men get paid more to play sport than women at an elite level?

Yes, Men's sports bring in a LOT more money than womens sports.

What were women's limitations in early 1900s?

They Were Paid Less Than Men. APEX;))

What sports do women get paid the same amount as men?

Very recently Wimbeldon and French tennis championships.

In the garment industry why were women paid less than men?

In the garment industry one reason why women were paid than men was because it was believed that men needed more money than women. Often it was believed that a man needed the money to support their family.

Who are the top paid men and women in sports?

The top paid man is Tiger Woods, and the top paid woman is Lorena Ochoa. Golf is a sport that gives out the most money.

What is true about women in the workforce on the early 1960s?

Women had fewer job opportunities than men did

Why should men women be paid equally?

Men are very hard workers and strong. Women are very hard workers and strong. Both men and women deserve to paid for the work they can do, the outcome they provide, not on account of their sex. Some females can do more work than the average male and being paid less just isn't alright.

How much less are women paid than men?

No, no , no not at all it depends on the job really! :D

Why do women athletes get paid less than men athletes?

While opinions may vary, the main reason women athletes are paid less than male athletes is because the amount of revenue generated by male athletes. Male sports bring in more ratings on television which in turn bring out bigger sponsors who are willing to spend more money to endorse the team or product.

Why did women get paid less than men?

People say men "work longer hours" but i actually think we work a lot more than them.

By the 1820s more women were becoming teachers because?

school authorities could pay women less than they paid men.

Why were women paid less than men?

Because men are better And also because people thought the women should stay at home and care for the children

What effects did the new deal have on women and minorities?

women and minorities had a disadvantage, they had more preference for white men and boys so they would usually get paid less.

Why are women paid less than men in basketball?

Because men's basketball is more watched than womens, they make money through advertisements and merchandise and more people get that from the men's rather than the women's

Which factor encouraged mill owners to hire children and women?

Owners could pay women and children less than they paid men.

Who makes more income men or women?

Women are paid less than men in the same jobs. Generally a woman makes 79 cents on the dollar that a man in the same job makes.