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Agility is basically a quick change in direction. Agility is most seen in cutting motions of a running back,

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Q: Why do we need agility in football?
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Related questions

Why do you need to have agility in football?

so you run faster

Why do you need agility in English football?

You need agility in any sport to maneuver around your opponents and to successfully get to and control the ball.

Why does Lionel messi need agility during football?

Lionel Messi Need s agility During Football to rotate his hips, cause the way he moves his hips tricks the player, and his speed helps him to dribble By JoywinR

Why is agility important in football?

Agility is important in touch football because you need to be able to maneuver around other players. The players will create tight spaces you have to move around in on the field.

Why is agility important in touch football?

Agility is important in touch football because you need to be able to maneuver around other players. The players will create tight spaces you have to move around in on the field.

What componets of fitness do you need for football?

speed, cardiovascular fitness, Agility Flexibility, Muscular endurance

Why is agility important in sport?

Well, most sports need agility to win. If you're playing soccer, agility is needed to get to the ball first, or when you're playing football, if you're the QB or RB, you need that agility to run that football down to the in zone. And with basketball, it takes more than just agility. You also need to have coordination with the basketball so that when you're running down the court, you don't lose the ball right out of your hand. I hope this answer helped. Sincerly, ID

What sports need agility balance co-ordination?

There are lots of sports which need these components but the most common are running and football.

Why does goalkeeper need agility?

why dose goalkeeper need agility

What do do you need agility in?

you need agility in tennis trampolining ect

Example of agility in physical fitness?


Why is agility need in football?

Agility is the ability to shift one's position in an efficient manner. This requires balance, coordination and stamina. Football is a physically engaging game that requires all these elements. There is a lot of movement, dribbling, bending and turning in football and thus the need for one to be agile. Better answer than the last one!

Do gymnasts need agility?

Gymnasts do need agility because the need to be strong on order to do their techniques.

What sports use agility?

Football, basketball, soccer.

Which component of physical fitness is skill related?


What sports use the most agility?

Football, soccer, and Rugby

What do you get out of football?

you can get will agility and well exercise. you can also get well pay.

How does football use agility?

when the person runs, they have to be so quick.

Why in football its important to have a agility?

because it is important for footballers to have the strength

Why would a basketball player need agility?

If you want to get around your defender you'll need to use AGILITY to do that. If you want stay with your opponent when your on defense, you'll need agility to stay with him

What are skills that you need for football?

Speed. Quickness. Hand Eye Coordination Upper and Lower Body Strength Stamina Agility Toughness

Why do gymnasts need agility?

Gymnasts need agility because they need to be very strong to do their techniques and their hard skills that are demanded.

Does hockey need agility?

Yes. How much agility you need, though, depends on what position you want to play in.

What is the ability to move and change direction quickly?

Agility is the ability to move and change direction quickly.

Does football have agility?

Yes because you have 2 turn and move your body

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