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The story goes that in 1905 Wales played the All Blacks and following their haka the Welsh Fans sang their anthem at which time the welsh Squad held their ground until its completion . This is is reported as the first time a national anthem was sung before a sporting event. Such was its impact 12,000 miles away from home, the All Blacks were overwhelmed by the sound that the New Zealand captain wrote later that he had never experienced anything like it in his life, and that it sent a shiver down his spine when the anthem was sung at a deafening volume

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Q: Why do wales sing the anthem before a rugby match?
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What year was national anthem played before all sporting events?

1905. Wales played New Zealand in Rugby Union and in response to New Zealand's Haka before the match, Wales sang the National Anthem. Wales went on to win the match and the tradition stuck.

Why do the welsh national rugby team sing the anthem before a rugby match?

Historically the singing of a countrys national anthem occured first in Wales. This was when Wales played the New Zealand All Blacks who, as a tradition undertook the haka. In response the crowd started to sing their national anthem with the team remaining in formation until it ended. This "tradition" followed on since and was adopted by all rugby nations as a matter of course.

When did Wales rugby team establish?

Wales' first International Rugby Union match was played on February 19th 1881.

What music is used in the 'ITV Wales Rugby World Cup 2011 coverage' advert?

The music was the RWC Anthem "The World In Union"

Who won the Ireland vs wales rugby match 2011?

Ireland played Wales twice in 2011, in the 6 Nations and the World Cup, with both matches being won by Wales.

Which player holds the record for the most points scored for Ireland in rugby a match against Wales?

david humphries

When was the first England v wales rugby match?

19 February 1881 at Richardson's Field in Blackheath. England

What year did the welsh rugby team first play?

Wales played their first international rugby match on the 19th of February 1881, in an 8-0 loss to England.

Where can rugby tickets be purchased in Wales?

Rugby tickets in Wales can be purchased at the Welsh Rugby Union. The Welsh Rugby Union has many ticket options for many rugby matches in Wales. Pre-registration is also available for matches.

Where can you buy Wales rugby shirts?

Wales rugby shirts can be bought from many different stores online and offline. Some examples of stores that sell Wales rugby shirts include World Rugby Shop and Shop Rugby.

When was the first game played at the Millennium Stadium and who was playing?

International friendly match of Rugby. Played between Wales and South Africa, won by Wales 29-19 on 26th June 1999.

How many times have Wales beaten Scotland at Rugby since 2000?

Wales have won 7 out of 11 matches since 2000 - 10 games have been in the 6 nations with one friendly match. Scotland have won 3 matches with one match drawn.