Why do waiters serve people?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Waiters play a huge role in the success of a restaurant. they are the one who does the necessary things for the customers. They welcome the customers and bring the ordered foods to their table. It is also their duty to make the restaurant clean and neat.

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They get the certain food that the customers request from the kitchen and give it to customers.

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because it's their job, and they get paid for it

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Q: Why do waiters serve people?
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Why are waiters called waiters?

because the wait on people

How do you spell the word serve?

Serve is the correct spelling.An example sentence is "the waiters are ready to serve the diners".

What is the name given to people who works in the restuarant?

Waiters and waitresses are the names of the people who serve your food. The hostess is in charge of seating customers. Busboys clean off the tables after customers are finished.

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Answer "Ice on Rice"= Rice Pudding (Yumalicious!)

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What are the duties of a junior waiter?

Senior waiters are generally the best waiters and often the ones that have been there the longest. Their responsibilities include waiting tables but also being able to answer any questions that regular waiters have and dealing with any problems that may arise in the absence of the restaurant manager.

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The word waiters is the plural noun. The singular is waiter.

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