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To gain momentum. It can compare to when you push up with your legs on a pass or a bump.

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Q: Why do volleyball players swing their legs forward when spiking a ball with their arm?
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What is the motion in spiking volleyball?

to spike a volleyball you swing your arms behind your back and when you jump you reach for the ball, spiking it with your wrist.

Movement used when spiking a volleyball?

You use a special approach. 1. Step big steps with you feet, (left, right, then left) 2. Swing your arms up. 3. While in the air, swing your arm all the way through to slam the ball to the ground.

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What are the front row attack corridors in volleyball?

Attack CorridorsWith so much movement after the ball is passed you must be the traffic cop and prevent your players from piling up at the "V" and "Deep V". The general pattern is the following: The quick hitter will go first, any play-set hitter will go behind the quick, then the swing hitter will go behind the play-set, and finally the backrow hitter will move behind the swing hitter. When explaining this to your players it is a good idea to play a little ZEN VOLLEYBALL and walk through your plays without a ball, then with an easy toss simulating a serve, and then with a jive server.

What do you look through when preforming an overhand pass in volleyball?

It is when you use one of your hands to serve swing your hand over your head.

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its in sports where you swing your ball forward and over. questions? bye! luv, sevie121

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