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If they have thrown a disappointing distance which does not meet up to their expectations, and they know they can do better, they may step over the line so the distance is not recorded and a "No throw" is recorded instead.

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Some Baseball players believe if you step on the foul line intentionally it is bad luck so it is mainly just superstitious.

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pure superstition

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Q: Why do throwing athletes deliberately step over the foul line?
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How do you get a foul in a field event?

Over-stepping a line is a foul in almost all the field events. There is also: throwing out of bounds or hitting a bar.

What is long toss?

when warming up in baseball or softball while throwing long toss describes when you are throwing from a long distance like from the foul line to the fence.

In discus sports what are five ways how a foul can be called?

A foul can be called if the discus is thrown and goes outside the sector...if you enter the ring from the front, if you leave the ring from the front, if something flys off of you while you are throwing, and if you step on the line (circle) while throwing.

Any batted ball that bounces on the foul line or lands and stops on the foul line is a foul ball True or False?

If a ball hits the foul line, it is a fair ball.

Is there another name for foul line in basketball?

Yes, the foul line in basketball is also commonly referred to as the free-throw line.

Is there a advantage in crossing the foul line in bowling?

There is no advantage to crossing the foul line, however there is a safety issue due to the fact there is lane conditioner beyond the foul line, which can cause you to slip. The sport does require a zero to be counted when crossing the foul line.

What score is recorded when player commits a foul in bowling?

well you do this and that and that constituts a foul in Bowling stepping over the foul line at the lane before you let go

If the pitch dropped during delivery does not cross a foul line shall be called a no pitch?

it's a no pitch if it does not cross the foul line. if it crosses the foul line it's a ball

What is the difference between fair ball from foul ball?

The markings on the field has a foul line. This is by the running paths by 1st and 3rd. Any ball that lands in between the foul line is a fair ball. Any ball that lands out the foul line is a foul. When ball rolls on the infield and goes out the foul territory will be called foul. But when ball lands on the outfield and rolls to foul territory is a live ball

What is a foul liner?

it's a line drive that that is declared as a foul Ball

When bowling what line are you not allowed to step on?

It's called the foul line. If you step on or over it you'll get a big, fat F for foul and you'll only have one shot to get down the pins.

What is the constitutes a foul in bowling?

If you cross the foul line, it will constitute a foul. The most common is your foot sliding past the approach, crossing the line and touching the lane. Another common reason is becoming unbalanced after releasing the ball to where you stumble and a part of your body touches the line or beyond the foul line.