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The Jockey Club is against AI as they believe that it will diminish the breed as a whole.

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Q: Why do thoroughbred horses do not use artificial insemination?
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Are there condoms for horses?

Yes and no. A condom like device is used to collect stallion seamen form breeding stallions where they want to use this of artificial insemination.

How do you breed a cow?

By the use of artificial insemination, or by putting her with a good bull.

How do you get pregnant but still become a virgin?

If you use artificial insemination to get pregnant you can still be a virgin.

What do people use horse semen for?

To breed mares using Artificial Insemination techniques.

What if you love them and they cant have kids?

You can always adopt or use artificial insemination if they're ok with that.

How do you become pregnant?

To become pregnant, you must have sexual intercourse with a man or use artificial insemination.

Can there be white dye?

yes, you can get it from a place where semen is kept in cold storage for use in artificial insemination.

Can a woman get pregnant atfer her perion she has no done sex?

No sex = no pregnancy. Unless you use artificial insemination.

What kind of syringe do you use for artificial insemination?

Also can u buy sterile syringes with a tube attatched?

Did Barbaro sire any foals?

No. Thoroughbred racing prohibits the use of artificial insemination. Because of this, the only way a horse can produce foals for racing is by live cover. Since Barbaro was injured, he could not safely mount a mare, and therefore did not sire any foals.

Does artificial selection affect a bull?

No. Artificial insemination is only used on cows. It may affect the number of bulls that a producer can have in his operation, but it certainly doesn't affect the bulls themselves. A producer still has to manage his bulls the same way as he always would without incorporating the use of artificial insemination into his operations. Artificial insemination is just a fancy term for an alternative method of getting cows bred without having to deal with potentially dangerous and ornery bulls.

Do horses use aluminum shoes for racing?

Aluminum horse shoes are mostly used for Thoroughbred Horse racing.

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