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Apparently it is to prevent 'carpet burn' when the players slide...

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Q: Why do they wet astro turf?
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What are astro turf trainers?

Astro turf trainers are shoes that most footballers wear on astro turf. I think you can also wear astro trainers on other floors. You can find astro trainers in a sports shop.

How much does astro turf cost?

A 15x15 astro turf costs around 1,000 dollars. Turf price depends on size you need, type of astro turf desired and whether you are having it installed or not.

How much does an astro turf cost?

Astro turf can cost between $1.50 and $2.00 a square foot, Depending on the quality of the turf. Thsat would be just for the turf its self, You still have to take in to considerration the prep work and installation of the astro turf.

Does astro turf grow?

No it does not. Astro turf is fake grass often laid on rubber chip.

What is difference between Grass Turf and Astro Turf?

Grass turf is natural grass. Astro turf is artificial and is a surface of synthetic fibers made to look like natural grass.

Do the Houston Astros still play on Astro Turf?

The Houston Astros no longer play on Astro Turf. The only teams that still play on Astro Turf are Toronto, Tampa Bay and Minnesota. The Astros do currently play on astro turf. They got their name because of being close to NASA.

What is the difference between astro turf and artificial turf?


Can you play Football on wet AstroTurf?

Yes, you can play Football on wet AstroTurf. Astro Turf is specifically laid for all weather conditions and thus alls game play to continue

What colors does astro turf come in?

Astro turf or artificial turf comes in a variety of colors. This product comes in various shades of green, blue, orange, yellow, black, and red.

Is astro turf susceptible to insect infestation?

Yes, if the astro turf is not maintained it is susceptible to insect infestation as well as mold and decay. The infestation usually occurs from moisture getting underneath the astro turf and sitting idle, thus causing bacteria to grow and giving insects a place to harvest. Astro turf is a synthetic material similar to carpet,so there is nothing living. So in the traditional way a lwan or grass can be infested no astro turf cant .

Does a soccer ball role farther on astro turf your street or on grass?

a soccer ball rolls farther on astro turfa ball may skim further on astro however i think that it should role further on solid ground, so on the street, also on grass and astro the speed of the ball changes due to the weather, if the ground is wet then the ball will skid more.

Is Field Hockey Played on a Wet Field?

Not necessarily,you can play on a water based pitches, but there are sand pitches, gravel pitches and astro turf pitches.

If you have installed astro turf over wood but you now have fungus growing out of the astro turf and you were wondering what would cause this Tks?

lack of weed killer perhaps

Where is a contractor who can install astro turf in Springfield, Illinois?

Turf Green [(217) 793-1114] can install Astro-Turf and perform other lawncare duties. Players Turf Systems LLC [(866) 849-9186], a manufacturer of artifical grass, may be able to recommend a contractor.

Is there websites where I can purchase astro turf?

Builder Depot,,, and offer astro turf for sale online. You can also compare prices through google shopping

Do I need a lawn aerator if i have astro turf?

No. A lawn aerator is only necessary for those trying to grow grass from seed. Astro turf is rather low-maintenance in comparison!

As of 2000 which company produces Astro Turf?


What is the cost of a hockey astro turf?

approximately $750,000

What are the fields at the end of a frame called?

astro turf

Is astro turf safe during a lightning storm?


What are astroturf trainers?

Astro Turf trainers are trainers with extra grips on their soles which are uniquely designed for playing on Astro Turf Pitches. There are many variations of these boots and you should some that are suitable for your needs.

i require 4x4metres of astro turf. how much would that cost?

you will know everything after visiting this website You are looking at anywhere between $96.75 to $165.55, depending on the quality of astro turf. 4 square meters is about 43 square feet and astro turf costs anywhere between $2.25 - $3.85 per square foot.

What is astro turf made of?

It is made from rubber and nylon fibers

What artificial surface of hockey field is called?


Can you where astro turf boots in a sports hall?

Not if they mark the floor or have cleats.