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To help stop condensation accumulating on the lens.

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Q: Why do they spit in goggles before going swimming?
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Which stores can I get my swimming goggles to be treated for anti-fog?

Swimmers and scuba divers often spit in the lenses and rub the spit around to stop them from fogging.

How do you clean swimming goggles?

Saliva. If you spit in them they will quit foggin up. Learned that in my scuba divin class.

How can one keep swimming goggles from fogging up?

You can use spit. Another option is to use defogging that is sold in stores.

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How do you keep swimming goggles free of fog?

There are two viable answers: 1. Commercial (scuba) dive shops sell a spray-on mister to apply to the inner surface of the goggles just before use. Can be applied wet or dry. 2. Expectorate (spit) on the inner surface of the goggle lens, rub the saliva about on the lens, and quickly dip the goggles in water immediately before use to control fogging. Method two is equally reliable, it just does not have quite as long of a viability in use - about 15-20 minutes, while the commercially available product will normally keep goggles clear for a dive lasting 30 minutes or more. If you select method #2 and fogging occurs, flood the mask with a small amount of water and swirl it around (by shaking your head - not violently) on the goggle surface. To clear the mask, press on the forehead area of the goggles with the heel of the hand and blow air out the nose until the water is expelled. Good diving to you!

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How can you prevent your goggles from fogging up while you swim?

The easiest and cheapest way to do this is to spit on the glass inside your mask and rub it in all over the glass. It creates a barrier between the glass and the air space in the mask. You can buy a special solution, but spit or saliva works the beat for no cost at all.

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