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To keep them warm.

A larger explanationA few years ago a driver who most thought was going to win the world championship died in a crash.

After an inquiry it was found that:

  • There had been a stoppage in the race (red flag)
  • That the tires had cooled
  • That the cold tires did not support the car correctly under racing conditions
  • That the warm up lap prior to the restart was not enough to reheat the tires correctly
  • That while entering a corner at full throttle and high speed the car struck a small bump
  • The bottom of the car touched the ground and this upset the aerodynamics enough that the car became airborne.
  • This caused a lack of control causing the car to skim over a gravel trap and head on into a wall

Safety changes:

  • Tires must be preheated with heater blankets to operating temperature before the car leaves the pits including the tires installed during a pit stop
  • The corner gravel trap and wall where the accident happened have been modified.
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Q: Why do they put blankets on formula 1 racing car wheels?
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