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Because you would ruin the stigma, of what makes Fenway one of the best parks in Major League Baseball. In other words, without the Green Monster, and what it does, Fenway would be just another ball park. If they did that ... then one of those bloop hits that just scrapes the wall and results in a double would be ruled a home run. I will grant you that a line drive that hits high on the wall would be a home run in another park, but the risk of awarding home runs to weakly hit balls that wouldn't be a home run in any park outweighs the loss of those hard-hit balls that end up only being singles or doubles.

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โˆ™ 2006-05-27 04:27:43
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Q: Why do they not paint a line about half way up the Fenway Park Green Monster wall so a HR counts if the ball hits above line?
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