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The Hives record company maybe hasn't allowed it for public use, i.e DVD's CD's.

AnswerHer current song is in Smackdown Vs. Raw 2006 and Day of Reckoning games for Ps2 and Gamecube, so I don't think this is the case. AnswerWWE usually does not have themes of wrestlers on anything they sell so they do not have to pay royalties unless of course WWE produced the music. They will dub the music using generic or the wrestlers old theme. Sometimes they will buy the song indefintly like Austin's song by Disturbed or hogan's real American. Back in the VHS days, the technoligy was not there to dub the music so they were forced to pay royalties. On the new wrestlemania anthology set, a lot of the music is dubbed including boss man's, koko b. ware's (they both sung the songs themselves), Demolition's and Jimmy Snuka's. Another dubbing WWE does is Jesse Ventura's commentary. WWE always makes anyone who does announcing for a match to sign a contract that says WWE never has to pay them royalties to use their voice. Jesse never signed it back in 1984 and WWE just ignored it. In 1994, 4 years after Jesse left WWE, he filed a lawsuit against them and was awarded over 600,000 dollars. Not up until 2002 did WWE begin dubbing Jesse's voice on DVD's. All of his WCW commentary is also edited on DVD's. You can notice this on Roberts, Warriors, Foley's, and other DVD's. They had to pay him for the Wrestlemania anthology because he hosted wrestlemania 1-6 and would be pretty pointless to edit every match. Jesse does appear on Hogan's hulk still rules DVD though. not sure why.
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Q: Why do they never use Walk Idiot Walk for Christy Hemme's theme on any WWE DVDs?
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