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Q: Why do they need to impress sponsors and what are those sponsors looking for when they are watching the games?
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Who sponsored the commonwealth games?

The Commonwealth Games Federation sponsors and monitors the Games.

Who are the sponsors of the 2012 olympic games?

bt and many more.

Why does Katniss and Peeta ration the food from the sponsors in the hunger games?

why do katniss and peeta ration the food from the sponsors

Why do they need to impress sponsors in The Hunger Games?

Katniss Everdeen has a younger sibling--- named Primrose Everdeen, who gets drawn in the reaping, and Katniss forces herself to get up on the stage and go to The Hunger Games! She volunteers to go. Prim tells Katniss to try and win, so she is motivated to win!

Does miniclip have all the nitrome games?

No, but since Miniclip sponsors most of the Nitrome games, many of the games on Nitrome can be found on Miniclip.

Why does cinna want kitniss to stand out in her costume?

Because the tributes have to have items to keep them alive in the games and they only come from sponsors and the sponsors have to "like you" in order for them to send you the items.

What is the first present Katins's sponsors send her in the hunger games?

She receives ointment for her burns.

Which media center is best for watching football games with?

The MEMORYKICK 30GB MEDIA CENTER HDD is great for watching games on the go.

What resources do they have in the book Hunger Games?

The tributes in normal hunger games have whatever they have at the cornucopia to help them survive and they also have whatever the arena has and what they get from their sponsors.

What does the sponsors in the hunger games look for?

Sponsors are people who can pay money to help out tributes in the Games by sending them gifts. As the Games get on, gifts get more expensive to send. Katniss states that the money that may buy you a whole dinner at the start of the Games will only by a box of matches, or a flask towards the end.

Where can one find the latest scores of sport games?

One can find the latest scores of sports games by watching the sports games, by reading tweets in response to the sports games or by watching the news where they will often announce the scores.

Do you have to have a parent when your watching the Hunger Games?

depends what age you are