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ollie gelfland invented it

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Q: Why do they call a jump on a skateboard an ollie?
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Is a hippie ollie a real trick on a skateboard?

yes a hippie ollie is a real trick. its just where your riding and you jump up and land on your skateboard. the skateboard stays on the ground but u jump. very different from an ollie.

How do you make a jump on a skateboard?

you do an ollie

When you jump by tapping the tail of the skateboard it's called?

This is what you call an ollie. It makes you look cool.

What is an ollie?

An Ollie is a skateboarding trick. It is basically a jump while on a skateboard.

What is a jump in the air by stamping on the tail of the skateboard?

an ollie

How do you do a jump on a skateboard?

first off its called an ollie and to ollie on a skateboard push down on the back of the board and jump with it while dragging your front foot in the air putting you in the air. Practice this ollie moving so you can master it faster

About how long does it take to be able to do a jump on a skateboard?

if by jump you mean an ollie,,it took me about a month of really practicing and wanting to learn this. If you cant ollie you cant really do any tricks, i mean to do a kickflip you have to ollie first, to do a heelflip you have to do an ollie first. almost evry trick on a board starts with the ollie.

What was the first skateboarding trick invented?

Skateboarding was invented a long time ago. The first trick probably recorded was the ollie. The ollie is when you "jump" on your skateboard. You can ollie over things and add new twists to it.

Do you push down on the skateboard to jump?

Just a little bit, to buildup pressure then you jump up and slide your farthest foot. that's bassicly an ollie

What parts of a skateboard do you need the most when doing an ollie?

you need all the parts of a skateboard to ollie

Is ollie a skateboard trick?

An ollie is a skateboard trick. And an ollie is a vital part in almost every trick.

How do you ollie with a heavy skateboard?

to ollie on a high skateboard you have to push twice as hard and slide your foot up

What is a skateboard ollie?

an ollie is a way of getting to a higher ground. basically like if you were bmxing and were going to do a bunny hop except with a skateboard.

Is an ollie a jump on the skateboard?

Basically yes but there are a few basic requirements for it actually to be an ollie first of all you have to be sliding your front foot, you have to pop the tail right to the floor, you have to get off the ground and you have to level the board in the air.

Why can't I Ollie as high as I can jump?

When coming into the process of skateboarding when learning your ollie's, it's all about jumping. If you can jump high, but not get your skateboard at the same level something is wrong. In order to ollie as high as you jump, is by lifting your back foot as high as you can, but at the same time try to do an ollie north, but don't. This will allow the board to become air born and follow your feet after. Remember this takes a lot of practice so stat now. From your average skater

Is the skateboard trick spelled nollie or ollie?

there is 2 tricks there is a ollie and a nollie

If you are doing ollie you are doing what?

Either a skateboard trick, or a girl named Ollie ;)

How do you perform a jump on a skateboard?

Start off with the ollie. This is the basic trick of popping the back end of the board, sliding your front foot up, and then landing it.

Can you ollie with no grip tape on your skateboard?

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How do you perform a baby ollie?

get a skateboard and do it

What are the basic skateboard tricks?


How do you olie?

To ollie, place your back foot so that the ball of your foot is on the tail of your skateboard. Place your front foot between the middle and front trucks of your skateboard. That's where you want your feet to be right before ollying. If you find that it works better for you to have your feet shifted to other places on your skateboard, that's fine.When you are ready to ollie, bend your knees deeply. The more you bend your knees, the higher you will go. Slam your back foot down on the tail of your skateboard as hard as you can. At that moment, you want to also jump into the air, off of your back foot. This part is key, and takes practice.As you jump into the air, your front foot needs to roll slightly inward, and with the outside of your foot, you want to guide the skateboard as it flies into the air.When you jump, pull your knees as high as you can. Try to hit your chest with your knees. The deeper you crouch down before the ollie, and the higher you pull your feet, the higher your ollie will be.Next, as you fall back toward the ground and land, bend your knees again. This part is vital! Bending your knees will help absorb the shock of landing on your skateboard, it will keep your knees from getting hurt from the impact, and keep you in control of your skateboard.

What are a list of easy skateboard tricks that don't involve doing an ollie or jump?

theres rail, caspers, tic tack, and basicly any free style tricks

How do you a ollie on skateboard?

1. bend down 2. push on the tail 3. jump up 4. slide foot up to nose 5. jump in air 6.bend down to absorb landing try it

Is it easier to ollie with a skinny skateboard deck?

technically no