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The Mets stink Because they can;t hit the ballwhat.what is it with the mets lack of offence

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โˆ™ 2012-05-22 15:36:23
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Q: Why do the mets stink?
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How good are the New York Mets?

They stink.

What is nick Jonas's favourite baseball team?

Yankees! They stink though i for one i am a Mets fan. Go Mets. Mets all the way.

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not litteratly but im baseball yes

What do the mets do to stink so bad?

They don't stink. They were past the 1st round in the playoffs in 2006, while the Yankees haven't gotten past the 1st round in the playoffs since 2004. The Mets would've won it all in '06 if it weren't for Yadier Molina on the Cardinals.

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