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Every team in the NBA plays every other team at least 4 times, sometimes 5, regardless of which conference they are in. The regular season is 82 games so it would be a tad boring watching teams play each other 15 times in a season!!

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Q: Why do the lakers play the hawks in regular season in the NBA if they're in different conferences?
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What was the lakers record in 1933?

The Lakers record in 1933 was 56-26 in the regular season.

How many wins did the Lakers have in 2007-'08?

The Lakers regular season record for the 2007-08 season was 57-25.

How many NBA games do the Los Angeles Lakers have to play for 2011 regular season?

Just like any other team, the Lakers played 82 regular season games

How many games did the Lakers win the 2011 season?

In the 2010-11 season, the LA Lakers went 57-25 in the regular season. They were 4-6 in the playoffs.

Are the Lakers better than the Heat?

As of the 2009-2010 NBA season, the Lakers are better. The Heat were the 5th seed in the East while the Lakers ended the regular season with the second best record in the league. The Lakers are considered to be title-contenders. AS of the 2010-2011 season, the Heat are easily the better team.

How many games are in hockey season?

82 Regular season Games then the top 8 from both conferences got to playoffs.

What was the lakers home record in 2009-2010 season?

The Lakers 2010-2011 season recored currently stands at 14-6.

How many hockey games are in a season?

82 Regular season Games then the top 8 from both conferences got to playoffs.

How many home games do the LA Lakers have?

Every NBA team plays 41 regular season home games.41

Most wins consecutive wins in a season in the nba?

Chicago Bulls 1995-1996 season. Regular: 70-12

What is the Los Angeles Lakers franchise record for most rebounds pulled down in a single game?

the lakers most rebounds as a team in a single game in the regular season is 107 and in the playoffs it is 81

Which conferences normally play in the Rose Bowl?

The Rose Bowl has tie-ins with the Pac 10 and Big 10 conferences.