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It's a jacuzzi not a small pool. The water in the diving pool is quite cold and the jacuzzi helps relax their muscles and keep them warm until their next dive

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Q: Why do the drivers get in the small pool?
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Why do girls in the Olympics get in a mini pool after jumping in the water with a towel?

After drivers get out the main pool the cold air can cause muscle cramping, so they get in the small pool of warm water to try and stop that from happening

What is a small gene pool?

a small pool of genes when a short guy named gene owns a pool

Why is the small pool next to the Olympic diving pool?

hot pool

What is a small pool of water called?

A puddle is a very small pool, usually left by a rain storm.

Why is rapid evolutionary change more likely to occur in small population?

Because of a small gene pool. small population generally equals small gene pool

Why is rapid evolutionary change more likely occur in small populations?

Because of a small gene pool. small population generally equals small gene pool

What is a kiddie pool?

A kiddie pool is the small pool that you see at a park next to the larger pool. It gives the children who are too small to even get into the shallow end of the big pool a place to get wet and swim the best way they know how.

Why do the Olympic swimmers get out of big pool and into small pool?

loosen muscles

Why do Olympic divers go in the small pool after a dive?

The small pool is a hot tub; divers go in to keep their muscles loose.

What size of pool would hold 9000 gallons?

A 9000 gallon pool {;-). A small above ground pool.

If a small pool of genes becomes separated from a larger pool of genes the genes in the small pool will change rapidly and eventually will become a new species this idea is know as?

Answers:geographic separation

What is a plunch pool?

I think you mean plunge pool. It is similar to a splash pool. IE just a small pool you can plunge into just to cool off

What are small winged bugs that keep getting into your pool?

they are thirps just putchlorinein the pool

What are small tears in the filter of your pool?

They are probably a sign that it is time to replace the filter of your pool.

What is weld pool?

A small "pool" of molten metal that is manipulated to crate a weld bead.

Can a tsunami happen in a pool?

No. A pool is much too small and shallow for a tsunami to form.

How long does it take to fill a pool 2 gallons a minute?

My pool which is a small to medium sized pool took about 2 days.

What can cause a pink stain on the bottom of your small vinyl pool?

leaves sitting at the bottom of the pool

How much does it cost to maintain a small swimming pool?

15 bucks a month for pool cleaner

What is a small pool?

It's like a large pool but smaller. Imaagine a bucket. then times that by 6 and fill them with water. About 3 of those times sixed buckets will be enough to fill a small pool. many more would be times to have to have been if large pool is fill

What are the dimensions of an hotel pool?

small to medium

What is the Name for a small muddy pool?

A waterhole.

Why is rapid evolution especially likely to occur in a small population that has been separated from the main population?

Small population gene pool. Evolution is the change in allele frequency over time in a population of organisms. Have a small population, a small gene pool of the population and the allele frequency can change very rapidly as any changes in this frequency are large enough against the genes already in the population's small gene pool. This is why drift has such a large effect in small populations; the population pool can be swamped by random events.

Where can I find zip patch to repair small leak in pool filter?

at ur local pool store!

How do you start up your pool for the summer?

too much iron in water when filling up small pool

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