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The Chicago Bulls wear green jerseys in celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

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Q: Why do the bulls wear green jerseys?
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What color jerseys did the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers wear in Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers wore their road white jerseys in Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers were the home team and they chose to wear their green jerseys.

What are the Chicago Bulls' black jerseys for?

the black jerseys are the Bulls' alternate jerseys. each NBA team has 1 or more alternate jerseys to go along with their regular road and home jerseys.

What color jerseys will Green Bay wear to Super Bowl 47?

The Green Bay Packers of the National Football Conference are the home team for Super Bowl XLV. They are likely to wear their green jerseys.

What jerseys will green bay wear in super bowl 45?

Packers are wearing their green jerseys. the NFC team is the home team this year. The steelers are wearing their white jerseys

Who is the home team in Super Bowl XLIII what color jersey will the steelers be wearing?

Green Bay will be the home team. The Steelers will wear their white jerseys and the Packers will wear green jerseys.

Why did New York Giants wear green jerseys in one 2007 game?

They wore those green jerseys because it is called their "Throwback" jersey which the jerseys that they wore when the team first started.

What jerseys will the Philadelphia Eagles wear this week?

they will be wearing white jerseys green pants comeon eagles spank them giants

What color do the NY Jets wear at home?

Hunter Green jerseys for home games, but sometimes the white jerseys. Do not know why.

Why do bloods wear bulls jerseys?

Besides the kolors being Red and Blakk B.U.L.L.S. Bloods Usually Last Longer

What color jersey will the Green Bay packers wear for Super Bowl 45?

The Green Bay Packers will be wearing their white jerseys and the Pittsburgh Steelers their black jerseys.

What color jersey did the Pittsburgh Steelers wear in Super Bowl XLV?

The Steelers wore their road white jerseys in Super Bowl XLV. The Green Bay Packers were the home team and they chose to wear their green jerseys.

Why did the Red Sox wear green jerseys this year?

The Red Sox wear green uniforms on special occasions like St. Patrick's day.

Do the New England Patriots wear different jerseys?

They wear different color jerseys. At home, they wear the blue (regular) jerseys. When they're away, they wear the white jerseys. They usually wear the silver jerseys every once in a while whenever they want to.

What color jerseys the Eagles wear against the Cardinals in the NFC championship game?

The Philadelphia Eagles wore their White top, Green bottom jerseys.

How many times did the Red Sox wear green jerseys in 2009?

about 4 times a year

What was the color of the jerseys for the Chicago Bulls in 1999?

The color of the jerseys for the Chicago Bulls in 1999 was red, white and black. The term was founded in 1966 and has participated in many championships.

What color green are the Celtic's jerseys?

The Celtics wear Shamrock green, which is the color used in the flag of the Republic of Ireland. It also is known as Irish green.

What color jersey will the Green Bay Packers wear to super bowl XLV?

Being the designated home team, the Packers will wear their green jerseys to Super Bowl XLV.

How do the Cleveland Browns decide when they wear their brown jerseys?

They wear them whenever the NFL tells them to.AnswerThey wear their brown jerseys when they are on the road and the other team's home uniforms are white. they always wear the brown jerseys at home.browns wear their oarnge jerseys when it is throwback week.

What do people wear in Zambia?

People in Zambia wear dresses, jackets, jerseys, and for safaris it is recommended to wear brown/green/khaki and wear sunscreen, sunglasses and insect repellent.

Why do the packers wear yellow pants with uniform?

There colors are yellow and green......there jerseys are green and pants yellow..because there colors are those colors.

What colors are the most worn Bulls home jerseys?


Why do the Boston Red Sox occasionally wear green jerseys in April 2007?

It is a tribute to the Celtics and Red Auerbac.

Why do umpire wear numbers on their jerseys?

Because the Jerseys come with numbers on them.

Do NBA players wear twill or authentic jerseys?

they where authentic jerseys