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The home team always wears their white uniform and the visitor wears their colors.

Actually, the home team wears their colors and the visitors wear white, traditionally. The cowboys are the only team that wears white at home on a constant basis.

There have been many teams over the years to wear white at home. In the 1960's the L.A. Rams that were coached by George Allen wore white at home, as well as the San Diego Chargers. I heard Tex Schramm this in the 1980's on his radio show called "Ask Tex Schramm." It was on KRLD, which is an AM station in Dallas. He said going into the inaugural, 1960 season, since they had no tradition themselves, they dressed in white so the home fans could see the home colors of all the other teams in the league. This caused them to make a tradition of their own. Quite simple, actually!

Because of this tradition to wear White at home, it also allowed Dallas to wear White at any visitor stadium, because the home team wears their colors. Back in the late 70's and 80's (think Staubach, Danny White, etc), when the Cowboys wore their dark color uniform they lost. So it was kind of bad luck for them in those years. Even now it is pretty rare to see them in the dark color uniform.

Often, teams in warm weather regions will wear their whites at home as an advantage over the visiting team. Darker colors hold in more heat than lighter colors; lighter colors reflect more heat.

The first is ridiculous! By NFL rule, the home team gets to choose which jersey it will wear - light or dark. The visiting team must then wear the other. By tradition, most home teams choose dark, but Dallas chooses to wear light at home - and here's the to the question - for superstitious reasons. Consequently, Dallas would wear light all the time - except - if they visit a team doing what they do. I don't understand why their opponents don't always do the same thing when Dallas is the visitor, forcing them to wear dark.

The Cowboys beat the Redskins yesterday (12/27/09) wearing their blue jerseys, and in doing so, clinched a spot in the playoffs. That should settle the whole superstition idea. However, back in the 70's and 80's, it really did feel like they lost more often while wearing blue than they won. And I'm pretty sure they lost their first Super Bowl to the Baltimore Colts while wearing blue. Go figure! No one is more superstitious than an athlete, that's for sure.

I was always told that one of the reason's the Cowboys decided to wear the white jersies at home is because in cowboy movies the good guys always wore the white hats.

Well, they wear white jerseys almost every game nowadays, and they LOSE a lot of games...wearing the white jerseys. I, personally, am sick of the white jerseys. I think it's time for them to make the switch and start wearing the blue jerseys at home.

Maybe the WHITE jerseys are jinxed now...from OVERUSE!!!

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Q: Why do the Dallas Cowboys never wear the dark blue jersey at home?
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